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Title: Tyra Banks attacks Russian women and it backfires on her
Post by: tristan on August 08, 2007, 10:31:44 PM
Tyra Banks, some kind of talk show host, does a show on international marriages entitled "I Bought My Bride".  She goes over the top, like famous man-hating kneejerk feminist Bonnie Erbe, and grossly denigrates the Russian women and the American men she invites on the show, asking rude questions and even rolling her eyes in disgust at some of their sincere responses to her.

Then, the aftermath.  Apparently she grossly misjudged the sentiments of her audlence, which seems to be mostly married women judging from hundreds of angry posts running about 40:1 against her for her rude, dismissive treatment of her guests.

Read the summary of the show here:

and the comments here:

Selected comments below:

[from an Italian woman]
WOW! turns out I am a SECOND CLASS citizen because an ignorant mockery of a tv show hostess says so? With all the money you have you ought to consider going back to school. I am from Milano, Italy - I place where I'm sure you have been...and let me tell you...there Americans are looked down because of people like you! a stupid woman with mere high school education who dares judge not only foreign women but also trashes American men as if they were animals. My husband is American and I guess he preferred me to a black model from the USA not because I look like a Barbie, but because I have brains!

[from a Russian woman]
I liked today's show. I am also Russian, and I am married to an American guy. The fact is(and you, american women should take it to consideration)that YOU are MATERIALISTIC AND MONEY HUNGRY, ALSO FRIKIN' JEALOUS OF US, RUSSIAN GIRLS! I did not stay here because my country sucks, but because of my husband. If it was not for him, I would return home.I LOVE MY COUNTRY! We went to Russia together many times, he loved it very much. He said that Russian women are better, because we are not as materialistic as you guys. So, girls, change yourself, or ALL our girls are going to take over. You are just jealous of us, cos we are THE HOTTEST WOMEN ON EARTH, EVEN MY HUSBAND SAYS THAT.

[from a Hungarian woman]
I'm REALLY disappointed in you Tyra!I am sick and tired of americans think that everyone just dieing to come to this country, becouse we are "unfortunate,poor,lower level"citizens of other countries.What is the "american dream" anyway?Ther is no such thing!Is that so hard to understand that women of other countries are looking for love and NOT money?Just becouse that's what is important to you , don't speak for other women!!Why do you think you have the right to embarrass those women and call them "mail-ordered brides"??I believe if guys try to find their brides overseas there is a reason for that.And not only sick reasons.Women in this country should do a reality check.I've been in this country for 6 years now and have never met a woman, who didn't think the size of their engagement ring wasn't more important than anything else.Poor guys don't even have chance if they don't drive an expensive car etc.I met my husband(he is american, I am PROUD to be hungarian) here after I'd been here for over 3 years already.After 1.5 years he'd proposed to me.We've been married for over 2 years now.I've never been happier!!Believe it or not my husband had told me after months of dating,he had really thought about going over to Europe and see how the girls are there, becouse he got tired of superficial, materialistic american girls.If you don't want us to "steal"your men,maybe you should put love,respect,family etc values before money. Really Tyra you should feel ashamed of yourself!I loved your shows, but after today I think you have one less viewer and fan.Let me say I'm sorry for all Russian women for being treated that way on national television.

[from a Polish woman]
So why go over seas? Why met at the supermarket? why met at church? why met at school? why marry a childhood sweatheart? one looks for love. Is it about control? My ex would say no, then again don't ask my ex- she always disagreed with me, even if I agreed with her-
It's just another place to meet women, or women meet men. As for me, I'm shy, I like accents and this is terrifying, going to a country you can not read or write, some perfer to fall in love at a parachute jump, others go to a foreign country.

[from an American woman]
This is actually my first time posting and I'm sorry to say that the only thing that drew me to your site so quickly was your vulgar show on mail-order brides. Yes some take advantage of the situation, Yes some are in just for money, Yes some are fakes BUT AMERICAN WOMEN DO THE SAME AS WELL. Some of these women see a new life with a great education and opportunity , some see love and adore these men because they can save them. You know Russia is tough and some1 giving them and opportunity to come to America and have a better life can make them fall in love just by that alone. Honestly i love your show, Americas next top model ... watch it all the time but that was an all time low for you. American women are gold diggers as well. Today you betrayed Russian women and you betrayed many of your fans. You always speak of powerful and independent women. Today you were no better than the abusive men all over America. You did in an hour show what many abusive men do over a period of time. You lost another fan Tyra I'm sorry many women will never look at you the same

[from an American woman]
Tyra, I don't know if you read these postings or not, I at least hope somebody does. Todays show disgusted me, which is a first. I was not offended by the topic but more by Tyra's behavior. Personal judgmental feelings by Tyra were apparent. I was horrified for the women and the men that had to endure your show today. Tyra's attitude was crude and personally ugly.Be-littling the men and degrading the women was immature and beyond rude no matter the topic. For the first time I stopped watching the show. I rarely get to catch your show because I am running around but the few times I do I enjoy them. This was horrible. On a side note two other neighbors all stated the same reaction. Offensive and unprofessional today Tyra. Think about if you can keep your personal opinions and feelings in check next time before you cover an issue you can't keep yourself in line about in front of the world. The world already has judges.

[from an American woman]
Re: mail order implied today that men look to mail order brides since U.S. women are more "advanced" than foreign women because of feminism. You should remember that a woman's choice to work or stay at home for her sake and her family's is her CHOICE. It doesn't mean that she is uneducated or controlled by her husband or has no sense of self. The ability to make THAT CHOICE was the point of the "Feminist Movement," not to FORCE all mothers to work and then have their own children raised by strangers in daycare/etc. Another point of feminism was to educate so that all women can make personal choices with their life without JUDGEMENT by other women LIKE YOU. Adjust your attitude, Tyra!

[from woman of unknown nationality]
to barbara and tyra,
i think you need to be informed that we "mail order brides" although we don't like being called mail order brides are not really bought by our husbands as you think.yes they paid some amount of money to be a member of some matchmaking websites but it's just like paying a monthly bill to have access on the telephone.they pay to have access on the one owns us and nowhere did they pay to have us.we spent a lot of time talking on the phone and chatting on the internet.seeing each other on the webcam just to know each other and build our don't know what american-couple have been through so you don't have the right to judge us.we are far more happier couples than a lot of american couples who are jumping from one marriage to another without thinking the effects to their children.

Title: Re: Tyra Banks attacks Russian women and it backfires on her
Post by: frank johnson on August 09, 2007, 01:42:11 AM
If a billionaire from America or any other country asked Tyra Banks to marry him sight unseen with no pre-nup, she would say "yes" faster than Bush would sign a law curtailing more civil liberties.

During my research over the past 20+ years I have about 4 hours of video (unfortunately buried somewhere) showing how these hackneyed anti-"mail order bride" programs ALWAYS try to sensationalize international marriages and degrade the couples under the pretense of being "fair and balanced" in order to con the couples into "sharing their happiness with the world."

It ALWAYS turns out that the host is just trying to stir up negative feelings toward these marriages. It is also the reason why I quit going on tv with obviously biased hosts and encouraged others not to either.

Tyra Banks should have done a little research so she could have found out that if she REALLY wanted to have an interesting program they should present the overwhelming positive side of these marriages.

Other tv programs should try the same. The bitching about these marriages format got old a LONG time ago, although the feminists would love to see them all day, everyday.

Tyra must have really gone over the top to get such poor reviews from American women.

Actually I'd like to see a program talking about fraud in the "women's protection" racket (the whole show could just be on Tahrih Justice Center) as well as an expose on the Bahai "Faith."

Now THAT would be worth watching.

Title: Re: Tyra Banks attacks Russian women and it backfires on her
Post by: tristan on August 09, 2007, 07:43:55 AM
Tech whizes: how can this show be copied to make a small film clip out of it say, 3 minutes or so exhibiting the worst of this woman's behavior?  And can anyone help do this? 

This would be an invaluable tool to show politicians just how foolish is the kneejerk feminist position that meeting foreign women out to be a crime.

Title: Re: Tyra Banks attacks Russian women and it backfires on her
Post by: VeteransAbroad on August 09, 2007, 08:36:08 AM
I just looked at the second-hand "transcript" that was not a word for word account. It seems to have been rewritten. Or, if not, then I am glad that the relatively mild insults produced such an angry reaction from women.

I mean, with 16,000 murders in the US every year, they only described 1 murder of a foreign woman.

But her webmaster/producer was very unprofessional in describing things in the "transcript". An example would be the use of the word "wifey" near the bottom. You can feel the hatred just dripping.

I would so love to do a tour of US colleges and New York City venues giving lectures with a Russian female friend about this phenom. The fact that there are so few good ambassadors out there to do this...blows my mind. There should be 5 or 6 couples doing this as a hobby.

Believe me...people would come if you rented a hall and called the local news and did a lecture.

Are you saying that John of AFA was on the show?

Clearly Layli Miller-Muro was involved in this. They knew all about her.


By the way, I just found out that a private citizen can walk right into a federal courthouse with a complaint he or she just printed on his or her Canon Easyjet printer...and get a restraining order on IMBRA.

It is called Pro Se.

He or she can then stand up to the Attorney General and the government people have to fly to whereever the citizen is (closest federal courthouse). The Tahirih Justice Center would also have to ask their supposedly free attorneys from the two big bozo law firms of Arnold & Porter and Jones Day to fly out.

Any volunteers? You would get legal advice behind the scenes and ODR regulars would help you write the complaint and the briefs.

But you would have to be a really good talker who can think on his or her feet. You would be alone in the courtroom and the judge will want to see you as someone who could date an American woman.

Technically, a married man and his foreign-born wife can do this as well...especially if the foreign-born wife is demanding that the government cease using the hate speech language of "mail order bride".

Title: Re: Tyra Banks attacks Russian women and it backfires on her
Post by: VeteransAbroad on August 09, 2007, 09:41:13 AM
This is what I wrote:

Any US Citizen can walk into a federal courthouse and challenge the use of the racial epithet "Mail Order Bride" on behalf of the 2 Billion women who have no power to do so.

Tyra would still be allowed to use it because of free speech rights, but the federal government would not be allowed to make laws or reports with that name on it and they would not be able to fund radical feminist organizations that use that epithet to make foreign women seem like children in need of laws like IMBRA that take away the foreign women's right to give out their contact information in real time.

I know foreign women who want to sue the US government over their meddling but cannot do so because they are foreigners.

IMBRA (International Marriage Broker Regulation Act) makes it so, if an American man is in Moscow for 2 days and a woman who has no email address would gladly get a telegram at her home address from an American...he cannot get her contact information in those 2 days because she needs to receive a paper letter from the company in Arizona with his background check form on it (a useless form he could have lied on without penalty).

As in the book "1984", a government would have successfully prevented a relationship between two private individuals...supposedly due to a concern for "her" welfare. The real reason for the concern about foreign women is the jealousy of aging female politicians like Senator Maria Cantwell in Washington.

These dishonest politicians cannot handle social globalization that will leave them unmarried themselves.

The upcoming lawsuit will ask for $2 Million for every relationship that the court can reasonably assume the US government prevented entirely (man was in a foreign city for a few days and could not make contact).

One more thing: The IMBRA law offers no waiver for foreign women to opt-out of the program of Nanny State control of their social lives.

Any female volunteers to walk into a local US federal courthouse on this matter, please contact me at

Tyra: Lots more men would go on your show in a heartbeat to discuss these issues. The ratings probably go through the roof when this matter is discussed, so let's discuss it some more.

Title: Re: Tyra Banks attacks Russian women and it backfires on her
Post by: steve on August 09, 2007, 10:17:55 AM
Another petition to stop violence against women.

What is the link to the video?

Title: Re: Tyra Banks attacks Russian women and it backfires on her
Post by: tristan on August 09, 2007, 12:35:51 PM
This show will be rebroadcast next week.  I will get the details and post them here.

Steve, regarding your link to the latest petition of hysteria, I found the following gems posted next to some of the petition signers:

"Promote greater access for women and girls to education and training so they can support themselves, sustain a livelihood, and contribute to their communities -- Support community awareness and education programs that also target men and boys so that they can begin to break the cycle of sexual violence -- "  But why should men and boys be targeted if more than half of all domestic violence is caused by women and girls?

"I myself havnt been raped, but do know people that have been sexually assualted, its an experience that no female should ever have to go through. Its sad that we cant enjoy life or walk down the street without the fear of being assualted!"  Is it so bad in America that women are fearful when they walk down the street or does this woman consider a man's glances as a sexual assault?

Title: Re: Tyra Banks attacks Russian women and it backfires on her
Post by: steve on August 09, 2007, 01:29:26 PM there is no video on the net at the moment to convert.

If you want to get it off a TV show, someone who has a computer with a video capture card would have to capture the tv show. My computer is 3 years old (windows xp) and isn't equipped with a video card to capture video from a tv.

If someone has a newer computer (windows vista) they may be able to capture the show. Most computers who can capture video from a tv will have a card and will be able to plug in their cable into this card, just like you plug in the cable in your tv. With this type of card, you can watch tv on your computer.

Once you have the cable plugged in, you will need software to capture the video. If you have a tv/video card in your computer more than likely it came with some kind of software to capture video.


Title: Re: Tyra Banks attacks Russian women and it backfires on her
Post by: jen on August 09, 2007, 01:32:27 PM
I'm looking forward to seeing the actual show. Tristan, thanks in advance for posting the info about the rebroadcast.

I don't watch Tyra, and I don't know how she usually treats her guests, but what's described here doesn't really surprise me -- not just because it is in line with so many mass media representations, but also because of what the daytime talk show genre is generally like. It tends towards melodrama, stirring a controversy, taking a side with which the audience is understood to be sympathetic and creating good guys and bad buys. Well, at least that is how some of them operate, the more sensationalistic ones. I don't know whether Tyra is usually constructed that way or not.

Seeing as how the issue was already discussed on a few other shows a while ago, I wonder whether part of the impetus to do it now came from a connection with Tyra's other show? A student who knew what I was working on told me that there was a contestant on America's Next Top Model who was a young Russian woman married to an American man. Apparently there was some discussion among the characters (in the usual reality show drama vein, I guess) about her situation. I didn't see that, but I did catch a later episode and it seemed that she was overall presented in a positive way...she came in something like 2nd in the final competition, I think.

Title: Re: Tyra Banks attacks Russian women and it backfires on her
Post by: frank johnson on August 09, 2007, 02:47:44 PM
The synopsis of the show started out with "Many of us log on to the Internet for the convenience of shopping from home. We comparison shop on various websites for the best price on those must have jeans or sneakers nobody else has, or the latest impulse buy we will hide from our husbands later. Amid those websites peddling shoes are more than 400 mail order bride companies for American men to peruse their choice of woman from various countries." for a spouse online? Sounds like American women who use doesn't it? I have an idea, let's start using the term ONLINE ORDER BRIDE for American women who use, eharmony, etc. Isn't that what they are? Hey just as much as foreign women who use similiar sites are "mail order brides" right? See how American women like that label to be used on them.

Of course when an American woman looks for a partner online (from any country) it is swell and there is no problem with it, even better if she finds a guy much younger than herself (you go girl!)

But for a man to go online to try to introduce himself to and become friends with foreign women, well ....WHOA! That's NOT acceptable and these men must be strip searched and fingerprinted in order to track their abusive homicidals tendencies. And if the woman is more than 5 years younger, he MUST be a pedophile.

"She also said there were more women than men in Russia (as if there is a surplus of men in America to go around)."

That last remark tells the REAL reason IMBRA is "needed" to eliminate the forign competition.

"He said he was looking, particularly, for a Russian woman because they were more “traditional” and more willing to forgo a career to stay home and raise children like his mom did. I think someone forgot to tell Don that it is 2007 not 1957."

Too bad for the feminists the majority of men's thoughts of a "traditional" marriage are still in 1957. What does she mean when she says it is 2007? That traditional marriages have vanished to be replaced with wives who won't contribute to the housework, cooking, shopping (for the family, for herself it is no problem), mutual love and appreciation for each other while being entirely absorbed in herself and what SHE can get out of a relationship?

"Layli Miller-Muro, executive director of Tahirih Justice Center for Immigrant Women, provides legal services for immigrant women. She revealed 50% ofwomen who receive their services are women who’ve come from other countries expecting one thing and end up in predicaments like Katerina’s. Women using these mail order services are commonly led to believe that it is a dating service and the marketing to the men is that they will receive a docile, submissive, women from the country of their choosing."

Lyin' Layli's fabricated propaganda yet again. Of course she has been "revealing" this lie as much as she can for the past 10 years. She can't name even ONE site that uses the terms "they will receive a docile, submissive, women from the country of their choosing" implying (falsely again) that men actually purchase these women. This is Layli Miller-Muro pure propaganda folks.

"By then, she had scammed him out of $40,000."

Hmmm...doesn't sound like someone who is being "purchased" does it? The message? Be afraid of foreign women VERY afraid. Thank goodness there has never been a case of an American woman scamming her fiancee or husband. We know such a thing would never happen here - right girls?

" When Tyra asked him if he thought he could date a “hot” 35 year-old American woman, Michael was honest and said no."

I mean what is wrong with this man? Hey even if she is a "hot" American woman 40 years his senior, there is nothing wrong with that right? He is obviously not normal.

"Katerina said American men that seek Russian women probably have a tendency to be controlling."

And how would Katerina know? Is she a self-titled "expert" like Layli Miller-Muro?

"Perhaps the buyer AND the “purchase” should beware."

Hey no bias in that ignorant propaganda remark! Hey Tyra were you "purchased" to have your program? Was there money involved? Then hey, you were "purchased" my dear.

You KNOW Layli would have been on this program in a heartbeat if she could in order to feed her ego and propagandize some more for her wallet (aka Tahirih Justice Center) and Bahai Faith. "Couldn't they have worked this program around MY schedule?"

Title: Re: Tyra Banks attacks Russian women and it backfires on her
Post by: steve on August 09, 2007, 04:29:01 PM
Good time to bring something back from the past. In 1998 Murray Povich (sp) did a similar show but with an asian bride.

Jeff documented his experience. It is worth a read. It tells the story how a tv show tries to slant their views and ignore the truth. When it was all done,  most were on Jeff's side (except Murray who was upset he wasn't getting his views supported)

p.s. when I read the story years ago, I was so moved I emailed Jeff. He responded with a very considerate and insightful email. I wish I would of kept it.

I was also pissed and never watched Murray's show again.

Emelda assures me that I'm doing okay on the show

The second time I cried

Emelda applauds me after a snappy comeback

Title: Re: Tyra Banks attacks Russian women and it backfires on her
Post by: tristan on August 09, 2007, 05:15:35 PM
Here is the re-broadcast information for that Tyra Banks segment:

Aug 15 9:00 PM on the Oxygen channel (cable and satellite)
Aug 22 10:00 AM WWOR (New York City)
Aug 22 12:00 PM KTTV (Los Angeles)

Frank, I will adopt your suggestion that we henceforth refer to all American woman who use and the like "online order brides."  This will be just one of many times we here have conjured up defensive language to use against creative language used by kneejerk feminists to control thoughts, much as Newspeak was used to control thoughts by the totalitarian government in Orwell's classic novel "1984."  

Examples of kneejerk feminist language to control thoughts are:
MARRIAGE BROKER for dating service
MAIL ORDER BRIDE for foreign women using dating service regardless of whether they actually marry
RECRUIT for foreign women using dating service, meant to suggest that "marriage brokers" somehow coerce them into becoming "mail order brides"

Can you think of any others?

Title: Re: Tyra Banks attacks Russian women and it backfires on her
Post by: bronxman on August 09, 2007, 09:10:30 PM
Yeah, here is another gem

CLIENT - American man served with a RECRUIT by a MARRIAGE BROKER. 

Oh, and American online order brides are known as OOBs.  The Big ones, and there are many, are known as BOOBs

Title: Re: Tyra Banks attacks Russian women and it backfires on her
Post by: Delphi_Programmer on August 09, 2007, 10:33:37 PM
I'm surprised and disappointed that Murry Povich would stoop to this level.  I would expect it from a pompous, arrogant prick like Montell Williams or someone with a clearly feminine slant like Opera, but not from Murry.

In 1997 he did a show on age-gapped couples that was very favorable.  He had several women in their early 20's with boyfriends/husbands in their sixties, and two ladies in their 30's with husbands 25+ years older.  I remember thinking how different that show was from any other show featuring couples with age differences.  Neither Murry nor his audience were mean or scornful to these people, and the show overall was very lighthearted and supportive.  I was impressed.

Why, then, would he attack "mail-order" marriages?  It doesn't make sense to me.  My opinion of him has certainly changed after reading this story.  What a shame!

Title: Re: Tyra Banks attacks Russian women and it backfires on her
Post by: bronxman on August 10, 2007, 12:27:02 AM
My guess is that this Tirade Banks fiasco is not being viewed as favorable among the pro imbra propagandists.  The all-important carefully monitored media coverage is morphing into a media circus and spectacle.  Tyra probably knows about imbra given her plug for Layli Miller Muro but that subject was most likely too complicated for her simple mind and the mentality of her audience to absorb so it was not mentioned.  Instead, the focus was on emotions and mockery.  Well, all the years of pent up resentment against those who denigrate mixed nationality couples was finally brought out.  Given the comments to the show, it seems that the general mainstream public is catching on and will not continue to buy off on the old tired propaganda.     

Title: Re: Tyra Banks attacks Russian women and it backfires on her
Post by: frank johnson on August 10, 2007, 06:22:03 PM
Actually if Tyra (or any show for that matter) wants to do a "sensational" type of show guaranteed to draw viewers they should do a show about IMBRA. I don't mean the typical one-sided hackneyed one with Layli lying to everyone while promoting her ego, TJC and the Bahai Faith Cult.

I mean one with her on it (so she can look like the lying hypocrite NON-expert that she is) but also with some HAPPILY married couples so the audience can decide for themselves if the guy(s) looks like a "premeditated torturer, pedophile and serial abuser" and the women come off as the non-English speaking, ignorant, uneducated helpless women who "sold" themselves and are in need "protection" like she always loves to claim.

She would NEVER apprear on a show like that because she knows she is a liar and is too cowardly to face these couples ... isn't that right Layli?

Oh yes, perhaps also have on some penpal clubs owners (if they have the guts) so the world can see if they are the business of "traffiking women" or actually "brokering marriages" again as Lyin' Layli loves to claim.

Then perhaps an "expert" or two on the International Penpal Service and their members. I'd volunteer just to make Layli appear like the ass she is (REAL easy to do for me) but since I've paid my dues on tv defending American men and foreign women I'll leave that up to another expert although with less experience.

Oh yes and then promote the hell out of the program so there will be guaranteed tons of viewers who can then decide for themselves.

Sounds like Layli's worst nightmare doesn't it Lyin' Layli.

Title: Re: Tyra Banks attacks Russian women and it backfires on her
Post by: tristan on August 10, 2007, 06:55:04 PM

I have had that debate challenge posted to debate Layli on the home page since October 2006. 

She has never responded.

I am quite sure that members of her organization read our web site, especially after I wrote her a letter a few weeks ago.

If anyone wants to suggest such a debate to Tyra Banks or anyone else, please do so. 

For additional entertainment value, we should each be allowed a second.  Hers will be Jeanne Smoot.  Mine will be my wife who will be magnanimous and agree to debate in her second language so that the others can debate in their first (and likely their only).

Title: Re: Tyra Banks attacks Russian women and it backfires on her
Post by: frank johnson on August 10, 2007, 07:28:12 PM
Actually their first language is Farsi and English is their second.

That is why Layli is unable to comprehend what the word "truth" means. It is not in her vocabulary.

I doubt they communicate with other Bahai cells in English.

I know there is always the ongoing offer on the homepage for Layli to appear with Tristan but I'm sure she programmed that out of her field of vision. We DO know, however, that she and her "volunteers" read the posts all the time in the hopes of uncovering behind the scene plans and tactics.

Hey Layli? You're not afraid of going to prison for fraud and for being the reason for the downfall of the Bahai "Faith" jihad are you?

It all starts with the upcoming public knowledge of IMBRA..........

Title: Re: Tyra Banks attacks Russian women and it backfires on her
Post by: frank johnson on August 25, 2007, 06:26:02 PM
I saw the repeat of the Tyra Banks show last week and taped it for those times when you just need to puke in order to feel better.

The hatred. The venom. The same old hackneyed script I have seen over the years on similiar programs. After EVERY commercial she started out again with "And now back to our program about why men BUY foreign women or mail order brides." If you took the word "buy" out of her script she would have been speechless. You would think Layli Miller-Muro had provided the script.

Oh wait. She did.

Yep Lyin' Layli was there herself in person. I just had a hunch she couldn't resist seeing her mug on tv yet again even if it did mean leaving her new baby with her "mail order nanny.".

NO OSCAR for you Layli. You tried to come across as meek and knowledgable just like you do I imagine when pandering for more money. If someone didn't know what you are really like (a liar with an agenda) and are too dumb to spot terrible acting and an equally bad script, I  can see why some fall for your spiel.

Why don't you be your real self on tv and scream, wail and cry about how evil American men are and how stupid and uneducated the foreign women are? Then make up "facts and stats" as you go on? "We have 1,000 mail order brides we are currently protecting. No make that 10,000 brides. No lets make it more dramatic! 100,000 brides in our office at the present time. They need to be fed and clothed so I need MORE MONEY right away. Sorry I can't show them to you or give you their names but trust me, they are there. 86 and 1/2 per cent of their husbands have criminal histories. 54 and 2/3 per cent of their husbands were abusing their mail order brides previously. 93 and 13/16 per cent of the husbands are looking for another mail order bride to abuse. The Bahai writings state that........"

I imagine Layli's segment was actually about an hour long but they had to cut it down to a mere 4-5 minutes so it wouldn't seem like a Bahai infomercial. I suppose when she started rambling on about the Bahai writings and her canned Bahai Faith propaganda speech they were unable to stop her since she isn't used to being told to shut up and instead kept on jabbering till she was through so she wouldn't lose her train of thought.

You DID succeed Layli, however, in making yourself look like a fool though as they did indeed show some actual living, breathing "mail order brides" and their husbands in person on the show. I assume is why you didn't want to be part of the panel. You're not used to having the other side of the story present and were too cowardly to go face to face with REAL American men and their foreign wives.

And what was so interesting about the men and their wives?

First of all, not a "premeditated torturer, pedophile or serial abuser" in the bunch. These men obviously were just regular guys and loved their wives. Not a shady looking person in the bunch. Not one wearing a long raincoat and drooling with lust and thoughts of murder like you always try to picture them to be to others.

And the wives? EDUCATED! ENGLISH SPEAKING! Not a single ignorant, helpless one in need of "protection" in the bunch. Yet you ALWAYS say that "The men are deliberately seeking women who can't speak English." Kinda makes you look like a fool or liar doesn't it? No wonder you are too afraid to give your worn out "facts and stats" while sitting next to these couples. You would look like the lying NON-"expert" fool that you really are.

Of course with Tyra reading from your script you let her try to put words in everone's mouth "So you just married him to come to America right? So you only wanted to live the American dream right? So you let him buy you to escape your country right? So you wanted to purchase her because you couldn't get an American woman right? So you bought her because you couldn't find a hot American women that age right?, etc. etc. etc."

I would have LOVED to be on that program. The first thing I would have done when Tyra went on her tirades (Tyrades?) against these men and women would have been to stop her cold and say loudly "Tyra don't be putting words into my mouth okay?" When Layli showed her mug I would have said "Hey MIZ. Miller-Muro come on up and lets have a discussion about this if you aren't too afraid. I'm an "expert" too and for MUCH longer than you. Maybe you can learn something."

I don't know if Tyra is just naturally so full of hate and ignorance or if she was just imitating Layli reading the script to her before the show. I couldn't stomach watching her other programs so I guess I'll never know for sure but it probably was some of both.

I will say one thing though that is very apparent to me. Probably the ONLY reason these women weren't booed off the show right away is because they were all Caucasian and the American women in the audience could relate to them because they "looked like them." Well actually these foreign wives were slim and attractive so to the audience it was probably more wishful thinking. The husbands were guys they probably would have liked to marry if the guys had lower standards.

Now if the women were Asian though. If you had some poor Filipinas on there the audience would have torn into them almost as much as Tyra would have. Tyra would haved smelled blood and had the wives in tears. That is until the Filipinas finally had enough insults and yelled back at her and revealed themselves to be genuine and sincere and honestly in love with their husbands. Then and only then would things turn around.

All in all I only saw two fools on the show and they weren't among the happy couples.

But Tyra, like I say if you want a REAL interesting program GUARANTEED to draw in viewers, how about a program on IMBRA? Layli can be on stage with several happily married couples and explain why they shouldn't have been allowed to introduce themselves to each other. Layli can also explain why these women can't judge for themselves and need "protecting." Layli can also explain why, as an "expert", these couples are only the minute percentage of these marriages where the wives actually survive past the honeymoon. Layli can then explain why these men are deep inside "premeditated torturers, pedophiles and serial abusers" and that deep inside their wives are really non-English speaking golddiggers trying to escape desperate circumstances. Then she can produce her "battered mail order bride" that is always available for interviews. You know, the "Asian" one with the Farsi accent whose face can't be shown.

Then Layli can promote the Bahai Faith jihad until someone shuts her up.

Then for the latter half of the show, Tristan or I or anyone from ODR can come on and have a friendly chat with Layli about IMBRA, American female ONLINE ORDER BRIDES "recruited" by and other domestic "marriage brokers" and of course the Bahai Faith agenda.

Sounds like Layli's worst nightmare doesn't it Lyin' Layli.

I know I"LL watch it!

Title: Re: Tyra Banks attacks Russian women and it backfires on her
Post by: tristan on August 25, 2007, 08:20:56 PM
Yeah, I just saw the show tonight, too.  Man, that Tyra is an ignorant woman.  I felt dirty just watching her.  If there was a revolution and I became dictator, I would ban all TV shows like hers because they are completely worthless.

Some of the women, especially the wife of John Adams owner of AFA were wonderful and helped make me feel I didn't waste 45 minutes of my life.

And there was Layli in the audience, standing up on cue and stating that all across the US 50% of all shelters are seeing cases of abuse (we have already disproven that lie) and that most of the men are horribly abusive.  OH HOW I WANT TO DEBATE HER IN PUBLIC.  My wife was even repulsed watching her and immediately pointed out her lies about Russia.

Title: Re: Tyra Banks attacks Russian women and it backfires on her
Post by: VeteransAbroad on August 26, 2007, 05:22:12 AM
Yes, mathematically speaking, if 99% of battered wife shelters haven't already seen at least one foreign Internet bride...then that must mean that very few of these women are being battered (and this is logical because the men who marry Internet brides are the upper middle class and most educated of Americans). You have to be completely ignorant of math and statistics to hear that 50% number and conclude that there IS a problem instead of the opposite.

Isn't there a regulation in the justice system where a judge can at least censor a lawyer for deliberate misrepresentation of facts like that?

Layli also loves to use the domestic violence stats for a group of inner-city, low-income Guatemelan slum dwellers to show that "foreign brides are beaten more often". That is a deliberate non sequitur in need of a judicial put down.

If Layli Miller-Muro was in the audience, then she took a big hand in writing this script as usual. This video could be used as evidence that she is getting federal funds to put on a proganda campaign that touches on a matter that Congress was NEVER given power to deal with.

The Constitution gives Congress 18 enumerated powers. Domestic violence is not one of them. DV is clearly a states issue.

Also...Congress may have power to make interstate commerce "regular", but they have never had the power to interfere with people talking with each other inside businesses, for instance on sailing ships or in bars or restaurants. Sure, Congress can regulate the ships, bars and restaurants...but not the conversations customers of those businesses have with each other.

In the movie "Titanic" there was a company policy of the White Star Line whereby steerage passengers could not communicate with First Class passengers. Jack Dawson went ahead and disobeyed this policy when he saved Rose from committing suicide by saying he would have to jump in after her if she jumped.

Imagine if there had been a federal law against the American speaking with the British woman?

Regarding Russia: No judge should ever deny a restraining order on IMBRA or VAWA without first visiting the new St. Petersburg and its new Aquapark swimming complex and all the new sushi restaurants.

This country is more like paradise than the kind of place a woman would fear having to go back to if a marriage did not work out in the US. Women constantly tell me that they honestly have no desire to live outside Russia anymore (they did until a few years ago).

One problem with the American conservatives, that makes them susceptible to all this left wing feminist nonsense about Russian that they are so ignorant of other countries that they feel that every American yearns to come home who becomes an expat.

Nothing irks me more than to take a flight home to the USA and hear a thunderous applause on touchdown from other Americans who are so happy to be back on US soil because they apparently hated being away.

Title: Tyra Banks: Positive or Negative for imbra supporters? Hard to say but...
Post by: bronxman on August 26, 2007, 10:10:02 AM can bet - OPRAH IS NEXT!!!  Oh, its almost certain that the National Organization for Women, and their tools Layli Miller Muro and Jeanne Smoot, have their sites set on Oprah.  What a splash!  However, I don't know if the ICC (imbra control complex) viewed the Tyra "incident" as good or bad PR.  They may want to be very careful how they frame and coach any Oprah episode.

A little circumvention this time may be useful.  Here is a start -

Dear Oprah,

You may have already been approached by individuals and organizations to feature the topic of international dating between American men and foreign women (sometimes degradingly referred to as "mail order brides").  If you decide to include this topic in your program, please consider the following:

Tyra Banks recently discussed the topic.  You may want to view that episode.

This topic has become one of the most contentious gender battles to the point of reaching the Federal courts.

Recent regulation of men who wish to communicate with foreign women includes curtailing free speech rights.

International dating is a symptom of the state of male/female relations in the United States and maybe the discussion can include ideas for fixing the problem and thus slowing the flight of American men overseas.

Title: Re: Tyra Banks attacks Russian women and it backfires on her
Post by: tristan on August 26, 2007, 12:53:28 PM
Okay, bman, thanks.  I'll drop a note to Oprah.  I have a track record now as I co-hosted a film company a few weeks ago who came to my town to meet with a half-dozen Russo-American couples.

Title: The Ire of Tyra
Post by: bronxman on August 27, 2007, 09:31:59 PM
"Berkowitz drew the ire of Banks when he said the oldest woman he's dated in his quest for a mail-order bride was 35, and she gave him a bad time about the age gap."

You GO Berk!  Tire-ass Skanks would have a field day giving "bad times" at expat parties overseas.

Aug. 24, 2007, 9:08PM
Mail-order bride service hasn't delivered for 59-year-old


SANTA ROSA, CALIF. — All Mike Berkowitz says he wants is an attractive, undemanding young woman to marry and help him start a family.

He says he tried American women, but it didn't take.

So the 59-year-old retired Santa Rosa electrician has turned to the Baltic region, for the 49th time.

Over the course of five years, thousands of dollars and through one alleged scam, he remains an advocate of the mail-order bride market, where brokers match foreign women with American men for money.

Tyra Banks, a supermodel-turned-talk-show-host, set up a show about mail-order brides, taped in Los Angeles during the spring and recently airing on the Oxygen channel.

Berkowitz was asked to represent the men who seek them.

Berkowitz drew the ire of Banks when he said the oldest woman he's dated in his quest for a mail-order bride was 35, and she gave him a bad time about the age gap.

His turn toward mail-order services, a multimillion dollar industry of hundreds of companies, began in 2002.

Many of the 49 women he said he dated only once. He had several dates with some, and he's been engaged twice.

About two years ago, he met Sofia from Ukraine. After a brief courtship, they were engaged and he gave her an expensive ring.

But then she hit him with what many Web sites describe as a fairly standard scam: her mother had breast cancer and they needed money for expensive treatment.

Berkowitz said he checked with the agency that had introduced them and was told the woman did have cancer, so he sent money.

But the story didn't check out. He cut off communication and said he posted her name on a Web site alerting would-be husbands to Baltic women who will cheat them. He'd lost about $40,000, he said, but wasn't too upset as he hadn't yet developed enough of an emotional tie to her.

Title: Re: Tyra Banks attacks Russian women and it backfires on her
Post by: VeteransAbroad on August 28, 2007, 12:14:37 AM
What journalist wrote that article?

For San Francisco, it was seemingly suprisingly neutral except they at least wanted to sell papers with the "mail order bride broker" designation, which has hurt our rights. The journalist did not talk about our rights being violated via IMBRA and VAWA and I am sure he or she knew about that. But the journalist also did not lie about the men being allegedly violent after marriage and the article showed that the real problem is scamming on the part of some women.

The journalist tried but failed to portray the guy as a loser, but the photo says otherwise. They remarked that he had no emotional connection with his quick-romance fiance, which does say to everyone (including and especially me) that such men really are losers.

But this guy seems to be otherwise having fun, which is only a federal crime with social conservative religious freaks and radical feminists.

Still more, it was an advertisement and the photo of the young hottie with the 59 year old man would not turn most non-feminized men into shrieking feminst banshees. How could an older man look at that photo and think "how disgusting" that he is with that gorgeous woman...unless he himself is married to an extremely unattractive woman and feels miserable about that and he wants every man to be as miserable as he is.

Title: Re: Tyra Banks attacks Russian women and it backfires on her
Post by: jen on August 28, 2007, 09:41:33 AM
Hi Tristan,

Did you have any luck getting a recording of the Tyra episode? I tried to catch it in rebroadcasts, but both times it was either on very late at night or was not actually shown...


Title: Re: Tyra Banks attacks Russian women and it backfires on her
Post by: tristan on August 28, 2007, 12:23:10 PM

I'll try to email you a copy when my computer expert (foreign wife) gets home.

Title: Re: Tyra Banks attacks Russian women and it backfires on her
Post by: khankrumthebulgar on September 19, 2007, 04:21:04 PM
I sent Ms. Tyra Banks an email. I got no response from it of course. Ms. Banks is appealing to Feminist Women, and American Women scared of losing out to Foreign Women. Last year while talking to a Dr.'s Wife. An attractive Latina from Mexico with a MBA and Degree in Public Health who speaks 4 languages. She was shopping in Plano Texas when White American Women asked her why she was shopping there? She said she was shopping there for her Family and was married to a Doctor practicing in Plano.

One Woman actually attacked her physically, screaming "Why are you stealing our Men"? As if they owned American Men. How dare Men exercise their freedom to choose? This is really what is pissing off the Women. That Men are no longer willing to settle for Sloppy one hundreds. That AW have over played their value. Crapped on US Men told us we are worthless. Well okay we get it. You no longer want us fine. Other Women DO. Oops it turns out we are right and they are now looking forward to Switching teams. Which is what the Feminists really want all along. To turn the genders against each other.

Men are adapting in ways the FemNags did not anticipate. And some Men are not willing to come back. Once they see how Women can be Sane, Loving, Feminine, pleasant, agreeable and desireable. They say life is too short to put up with what is offerred in the US. And are voting with their feet.

Tyra is an idiot. But is responding to her customers, who she dare not alienate. She is appealing to US Women. Invest in Cat Food companies. They have more of a future than US Women do. Many of whom will never have children, and will die alone. They can thank their Gender Feminist Lesbian Sisters for their situation.

Title: Re: Tyra Banks attacks Russian women and it backfires on her
Post by: arabiamark on September 23, 2007, 01:30:52 PM
Well our Tyra episode finally appeared over here on my sand spit in the Middle East.

Anybody find it curious that IMBRA wasn't mentioned even once?  Desperate to keep it under the radar maybe?

What's wrong with AFA John?  He had a golden opportunity to let Layli have it and squash her bogus statistics.  He and his wife acquitted themselves well but sitting there without any rebuttal while Layli was a big, fat target just begging to be swatted was a huge disappointment.  Or perhaps he did and it was edited out?  He also needed to get after Tyra for her repeated "Men are buying women" line.

Layli was so obviously trying to put on an act with her attempt to be earnest and sympathetic.  It was a good thing I hadn't eaten dinner yet.  And when oh when will there be just one person with the modicum of analytical skills needed to knock that damn "50%" statistic out of the park?  Of course she knows full well that people only listen enough to register in their head "50% of these women are abused."  Some day she's going to get a rude shock when she trots out this tired old nugget and somebody's around to question it.

It's a good thing I didn't have a brick within reach.  Come the seventh time that Tyra said "And we're back to talk about men buying brides" I would no longer have had a TV.

The contradiction between Layli's feminist party line and the four Russian women on stage was the 1000 pound elephant on the stage.  You could even see that Tyra was disconcerted that there wasn't a docile doormat in the bunch.  Layli may have influenced some of the rhetoric.  But she was out to lunch when they did the casting.  For all of Tyra's annoying script I have to give her credit for giving normal couples a chance to state their case.  Few in the mass media have done us that courtesy.

Of course the melodramatic "woman in trouble" case and the part about the guy being scammed took up more than hald of the show.  Par for the course in a show that needs good ratings to play up the sensationalized bits.  Of course it would have been nice if somebody had pointed out that these "Marriage Broker" relationships run into trouble much less than ordinary domestic relationships.  But asking Tyra to be THAT honest was obviously too much.

I hope that the other side keeps up this rude, xenophobic attitude toward foreign women.  The gem Layli remark of the show:  "By definition these men who are getting wives in Europe are there to find a weak, quiet, submissive slave (actually my paraphrase)"

The men generally held their own.  They all seemed educated and well adjusted and were treating their women well.  When the 58-year old admitted that he looks for younger women Tyra high fived him for "keeping it real."  If only Tyra would keep it real and cut the propaganda spewing about "Buying brides."

We really need to corner Layli and get her in an open debate with a decent sized audience watching.

Title: Re: Tyra Banks attacks Russian women and it backfires on her
Post by: frank johnson on September 23, 2007, 05:21:20 PM
"I'm glad you enjoyed my little acting on Tyra Banks but you WILL obey me and IMBRA." says Layli Miller-Muro, "And also "change your attitude" while I pursue my "transformation of your society", especially after I acheive my political aspirations. In case you're wondering, Jeanne Smoot will be my Vice-President and Maria Cantwell will be my Attorney General. We intend to change and accomplish a lot during our tenure."


Title: Re: Tyra Banks attacks Russian women and it backfires on her
Post by: khankrumthebulgar on September 24, 2007, 12:38:57 PM
Another delusional idiot who thinks she is going to remake society into a Feminist utopia. I have looked at the web site and its various links to Feminist Groups. You can very easily see what is happening here. Its a scam to fund more Feminist jobs. And to create a Problem with a solution requiring jobs for FemNags. It is already failing. They cannot find enough Trafficed Victims!!!

Title: Re: Tyra Banks attacks Russian women and it backfires on her
Post by: Taylor on September 24, 2007, 03:40:48 PM
I don’t know why people like Ms. Miller-Muro continually feel the need to defend the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act.  After all, it is the law of the land, and there is no organized group with any power that opposes it.  The National Organization for Women and their allies got this law passed with essentially no evidence for the need for IMBRA.  Why Ms. Miller-Muro is continually going into the media to defend it is beyond me.  They have already won.

Title: Re: Tyra Banks attacks Russian women and it backfires on her
Post by: tristan on September 24, 2007, 04:47:55 PM
C'mon, Taylor.  You know the reason she needs to defend it.  Because she knows the law is grossly unconstitutional.  She knows that it is offensive.  She knows that the only way it could have passed Congress is by stealth.  She knows that if a court rules on the law it will go down.  SHE KNOWS THERE IS A DEDICATED GROUP OF MEN HERE THAT WILL EVENTUALLY HELP MOUNT A LAWSUIT TO GET THIS LAW DECLARED UNCONSTITUTIONAL.  She knows that when that happens it will undermine one of the pillars on which Tahirih Justice Center is supported.