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Title: More "facts and stats" about Layli Miller-Muro's religious cult and IMBRA fans
Post by: frank johnson on April 13, 2008, 11:13:45 PM
Note below that while the Middle East is rightly cracking down on the Facist bogus Bahai Faith, the UNITED STATES  had "expressed worries" about "escalating government persecution of 300,000 Iranian Bahais."

My question is WHO in the United States is using our hard earned tax dollars to "express worries" about a radical Middle Eastern religious cult that takes away our American civil liberties to achieve its goal of World Domination? Layli and her Bahai feminists could give a damn about our rights and freedoms. Why should we give a damn about theirs?

Also notice the lack of American concern about the SEXUAL EXPLOITATION of Iraqi girls because of the US occupation and the traffiking of Iraq women who are sold as sex slaves to wealthy Gulf countries (and probably wealthy Iranian and American Bahai lesbians.) Why don't the feminists bitch about that?

"Because they aren't marrying American men and coming to America." screams Layli hysterically, "So why should I give a damn when no easy money is to be made? Now just let anyone try to exploit an Iranian Bahai lesbian and I'll get millions of tax dollars to "protect" her and get her a green card to come to America to help with the overthrow."

III- Bahais
Naseej took a hostile editorial line toward the Bahai religion and presented the views of those who are calling for its ELIMINATION. Naseej highlighted the divergence between Islamic and Bahai beliefs, and alleged that Bahais had Zionist and American (i.e. Tahirih Ju$tice Center) connections. Naseej did not defend Bahai’s right to life as citizens in their homeland with the same obligations and rights as other citizens.

*   "Egyptian court rules out Bahai recognition"On 17 December, Naseej reported on the Egyptian Supreme Administrative Court’s decision not to require the government to allow Bahais to leave their religion blank on official documents or to fill in “Bahai.”
Naseej looked at the history of the Bahais, and speculated that perhaps the reason for dissolving Bahai organizations was that their head temple is in Israel. Naseej called Bahais “INFIDELS,” because, Naseej wrote, they believe in the divinity of their religion’s founding father.

*   "Calls to Eliminate Bahai in Egypt"On 30 July, Naseej reviewed the Egyptian Ministry of Religious Affairs’ book, BAHAI: Beliefs and IMPERIALISTIC GOALS. The book calls for ELIMINATING the estimated 2,000 Bahais from Egypt. The website further editorialized that the ideas of the Bahai religion “deviate from the path of righteousness.”

*   " Al-Azhar Says No to Bahai"On 10 April, Naseej recapped al-Azhar’s stance on the Bahais, highlighting the “wide differences” between Islam and the Bahai religion.

*   " Egyptian Authorities Challenge a Legal Verdict Recognizing Bahais"On 9 April, Naseej ran a report that connected BAHAIS with Zionists, GAYS, the state of Israel, and the US SECRETARY OF STATE. The report also referred to a statement by the director of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights which considered the verdict in favor Bahais’ rights (later overturned) as "a true victory for religious freedoms and beliefs as guaranteed by the Egyptian constitution and international treaties on human rights."

*   "America Urges Iran to Respect Bahais’ Religious Freedoms"On 29 March, Naseej reported that the UNITED STATES had urged Iran to respect the rights its of minorities and had expressed worries about "escalating government persecution of 300,000 Iranian Bahais." Naseej’s report did not elaborate report on the violations against Bahais, but noted that BAHAIS WERE  "AN EXTREMIST SHIA SECT that believes in reincarnation, that DENIES THE EXISTENCE OF HEAVEN, hell, angles, and the miracles of the prophets. They also pray toward Akka instead of the holy mosque in Mecca, … and divide the year into 19 months of 19 days." (In America they pray toward the Tahirih Ju$tice Center and they also prey on taxpayer dollars and American freedoms with the help of TJC.)

B-Analysis of Materials Related to the “Four Rights:”
1. Women's rights
Naseej’s coverage of women’s rights emphasized the deleterious effect of occupation on women’s rights. The violence and poverty of occupied Iraq and Palestine have a detrimental effect on women’s status, the site argued. In Iraq, for an instance, women are sold as sex slaves to wealthy Gulf countries, and Iran especially.

"International Report: Iraqi Girls Sold to Neighboring Countries to Work in Night Clubs"
Naseej reproduced an article by on the sexual exploitation of Iraqi girls because of the US occupation, which has led to such widespread poverty and misery that many Iraqi girls are smuggled into the gulf region and coerced to work as prostitutes. The UN’s Integrated Regional Information Network estimates the number of missing Iraqi women at 3,500. Many of these are believed to be enslaved and sexually exploited.
The article referred to a report issued by an unnamed organization that said that the Emirates are a frequent destination for Iraqi prostitutes. It further accused religious men, particularly in the predominantly Shia, southern provinces of Iraq, of involvement in the trade. Iraqi girls, the article said, are smuggled into Iran under the guise of being sent for religious education in Qom and Tehran (and Fairfax, VA?)

Yet where is the outcry about these thousands of Iraqi women being sexually abused and turned into sex slaves via sex traffiking?

Oh that's right, American feminists are too busy bitching about the few drunken American female soldiers who wake up and find that the man they were eager to have sex with didn't look as much like Brad Pitt as they thought he did at the bar the night before. (aka "military rape" and "sexual abuse.")

One has to ask themself why is a Middle Eastern religion so hated by Middle Eastern countries?

Maybe they know something we don't.

Apparently it is not so easy to "convert and control" Middle Eastern nations as it is the United States. Right Layli?

"You are right as always!" screams Layli hysterically, "Damn you Frank Johnson. You must be regulated! My kingdom for Frank's head!"

Title: Re: More "facts and stats" about Layli Miller-Muro's religious cult and IMBRA fa
Post by: frank johnson on June 07, 2008, 11:45:14 PM
Movie review that Layli doesn't want you to read.

"Don't watch the movie either!" screams Layli hysterically, "I command you!"

"I also order you to NOT read this post or I will regulate you!", screams Layli even more hysterically while foaming at the mouth, "$25,000 and 5 years in prison each time you read this post! Damn non-Bahai infidels!"

Maybe they can replace the daily multiple showings of "Hard Candy" with this movie instead on cable TV?

July 20, 2007
Two thumbs up for film "Bahais in My Backyard"

Two thumbs up for Bahais in My Backyard, an Israeli's view of the Bahai Faith that is presently headquartered in Haifa, Israel ("BWF").  This hour long film captures the essence of what is wrong with the BWF and how they have hijacked the true teachings of Bahá'u'lláh, distorted them and are attempting to use them to carry out their plan for WORLD DOMINATION.

Of course, when I say "two thumbs up", I am borrowing from the Siskel and Ebert movie reviewers, with no pun intended about the hilarious television commercial for "erection problems" that provided much needed comic relief in a piece that mostly ran chills down my spine at the palpable EVIL being displayed by the leaders of the BWF.

Throughout the film, the BWF leaders appear as humorless, evasive, cold, calculating, arrogant, dark and paranoid.  They are so scary they almost seem alien as if they were about to blink with more than one set of eyelids.  Everyone else comes across as human, warm and trusting souls, although Frederick Glaysher, a Reform Bahá'í and outspoken critic of the BWF, came across as somewhat paranoid, not that I blame him.  The rank and file members of BWF seemed like nice people but they did not seem to get it, as one woman calls the U.S. National Center in Wilmette and seems mystified that they are so paranoid about releasing information about the members.

The film crew is escorted through the underground pathways, facilities and auditoriums of the Haifa World Center by the BWF's Secretary General, Albert Lincoln (who inexplicably could not open all of the doors with his "master key").  In an attempt to make the BWF appear in a positive light he introduces the BWF by saying: "The Bahai Faith is the first religion in the history of the world as far as I am aware to function without a clergy and on a democratic basis."

Anyone who knows about how the BWF handles dissent and critcisim knows that the BWF does not function on a democratic basis.  Not only that, but I find it hard to believe that Mr. Lincoln became the Secretary General of the World Centre without being familiar with Shoghi Effendi's teachings on the subject.  This makes Mr. Lincoln a bald-faced liar.

Shoghi Effendi: "Neither in theory nor in practice can the Administrative Order of the Faith of Bahá'u'lláh be said to CONFORM TO ANY TYPE OF DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT, to any system of autocracy, to any purely aristocratic order, or to any of the various theocracies, whether Jewish, Christian or Islamic which mankind has witnessed in the past. It incorporates within its structure certain elements which are to be found in each of the three recognized forms of secular government, is devoid of the defects which each of them inherently possesses, and blends the salutary truths which each undoubtedly contains without vitiating in any way the integrity of the Divine verities on which it is essentially founded."  God Passes By, p. 326.

Later, in a candid moment, Mr. Lincoln discusses how the BWF treats dissidents. His statements are so precious, I will quote him in full here.  He would make Mussolini proud:

"In every organization, particularly in religious organizations, there is always some form of dealing with harmful dissidents. It certainly exists in the Catholic Church and other religious organizations. Within the context of the Bahai Faith, those who attack the authority of the Institutions, which are there to maintain the unity of the community, are expelled from the community and the community is asked not to speak with them. This is because disputes are forbidden in the community and on such a fundamental issue the best way to avoid a dispute is simply not to have a conversation."

I must say hearing Mr. Lincoln speak so coldly about "dealing with" dissidents and saying that disputes are "forbidden" sent chills down my spine and I had to run to my front door to make sure it was securely locked!  To hear him say these things, as if they were so reasonable, is punctuated by the fact that he is speaking in a palace situated on Mount Carmel that is purported to be the SEAT OF A FUTURE WORLD GOVERNMENT. What he is really saying here is that the theocratic global State to be created by the BWF is a FASCIST ORGANIZATION.  They will "deal with" the dissidents and they won't let them "have a conversation."   Never mind that consultation, that is the clash of opposing viewpoints, is one of the central teachings of the Faith, and the question of the authority of their "Institutions" was never even consulted about.  You don't achieve unity by avoiding the dispute altogether and just impose one view on everyone else, like it or not.

If you don't believe that the BWF intends to set up a world government, just listen to Douglas Moore, Public Information Director, spew his PROPAGANDA.  He says that "nations will eventually give up some of their sovereignty and turn it over to a world government. "  This sounds all progressive and wonderful until one realizes that this world government he is talking about is THEIR (Bahai) WORLD GOVERNMENT, one where dissidents are dealt with.  He is standing, after all, in a shrine to this world government, with the spooky buildings of world government all about him.

The disturbing lack of candor and outright LIES of the BWF leaders is highlighted by the visit made by Murray Smith, Deputy Secretary General, who is secretly taped discussing why they BWF won't admit an Israeli to membership.  The guy sits there and tells him that Bahá'u'lláh Himself forbid Israeli citizens from joining their community. Never mind that the Israeli State did not exist in the time of Bahá'u'lláh.  In fact, this rule comes from their bogus UHJ, which attributes it to a policy that supposedly existed from the time of Bahá'u'lláh.  Mr. Smith's lie becomes apparent when he admits this rule will be eliminated in the future, as if the pronouncements of Bahá'u'lláh can simply be cast aside in the future.  This man is a buffoon.

The underground facilities of the BWF's world centre is examined by an architect who concludes that it is an elaborate bomb shelter or bunker to help a council of wise men survive through an anticipated holocaust.  Of course, that is exactly what it is.  The BWF leaders deny an apocalyptic vision in the film (and they elsewhere publicly denounce such a teaching) ignoring the fact that the writings of Bahá'u'lláh, `Abdu'l-Bahá and Shoghi Effendi are replete with references to a world embracing calamity.  THE DECEPTION JUST NEVER ENDS.

Probably the most priceless portion of the film is the interview with Nigar Bahai Amsalem, the great grand-daughter of Bahá'u'lláh, a neighbor to the BWF world center and a very nice lady who insists that she exists despite the fact that her existence is officially denied by the BWF leaders.  She says: "We are the family and they cannot say that we are not the family as they tell their people that come from abroad: 'do not talk to them,' but personally I think its very childish because what are they so afraid of us for? What can we do? Against all.... we are not interested. We are the family that are living here. The blood of Bahá'u'lláh runs in all the veins of the family. We are not doing anything against them.  We are just living peacefully and doing exactly what Bahá'u'lláh told us to do. So we are Bahá'ís. We are true Bahá'ís."

She needs to be careful with that "true Bahá'í talk".  It will get her sued.  I know why they are so afraid of her and the rest of the family.  Her existence threatens THEIR AUTHORITY AND POWER. She does not fear them at all.  She fears only God. I liked her.

It made me laugh out loud to hear Douglas Moore respond by saying that it did not matter that they are part of the Holy family.  He said it was not "something of value in itself of being related to Baha'u'llah."  I fell off my chair and laughed out loud because it was precisely because there was no member of the Holy family for Shoghi Effendi to appoint as his successor that the Institutions of the Guardianship and Hands of the Cause supposedly had to come to an end, and the UHJ had to be permanently disfigured as a headless body. To say that there is no significance is pretty far out there.  THE DECEPTION NEVER ENDS.

In conclusion, the film was highly entertaining, revealing, and had a certain gloomy sense of humor about it even as it exposed the shapeshifting BWF leadership as the AGENTS OF EVIL AND DECEPTION and evil that they are.  I highly recommend it.

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"Three thumbs downs and all mens' heads off!" screams Layli hysterically, "I command you NOT to watch this film or you will receive a $25,000 fine plus 5 years in prison each time you watch it! The people who made this film are all infidel premeditated torturers, pedophiles and serial abusers and must be regulated. I know because I am an "expert!" Give me more tax dollars so I can promote more Bahai propaganda to combat "abusive" movies like this. I am being "cinematically abused!" Sob sob. Poor me. Poor Layli. Us poor helpless Bahais picked on again! Donate NOW!"

"By the way, the part where it says "Throughout the film, the BWF leaders appear as humorless, evasive, cold, calculating, arrogant, dark and paranoid." That is simply NOT true! Why do I say that? Well I don't know, ask me again sometime and those damn foreign non-Bahai whores who like American men? To hell with them! Another question? Let me think for a minute and I'll get back to you, you stupid moron! You should be honored to even talk to me. My past? None of your business! Let's just say you don't want to know or I'll have to kill you! By the way, I know you are watching me secretly. But humorless? We Bahais have a GREAT sense of humor! Prove it? Okay heres a good one. I chopped off Frank Johnson's balls and other ODR American Patriots' too and ate them for lunch! HA HA HA HEE HEE HEE Heh Heh chortle snort guffaw drool foam gasp. Oh Bulaiahuliahuialh, that is so funny! What! You don't think it is funny? Well how about this? YOU paid for it!!!! AHHH HAAA HAAA HAAA HH HO HO HO! That is SO funny!"

Title: Re: More "facts and stats" about Layli Miller-Muro's religious cult and IMBRA fa
Post by: frank johnson on June 08, 2008, 12:25:19 AM
This is the place the movie is talking about:

Theirs is a vision of the world governed by a (Bahai) world legislature, (Bahai) world court and a (Bahai) world executive (Layli Miller-Muro), all overseeing FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT (NO overseas trips to see your foreign girlfriends guys), disarmament (of non-Bahais) and an international (Bahai) military to ensure peace.

The shrine to the Bab, a messenger whose mission prepared humanity for the COMING OF BAHUALLAH (not to be confused with that Christian fraud the coming of Christ), the beautiful Bahai terraced gardens and classical-style World Centre in Israel’s port city of Haifa are lauded by some (BAHAIS) as the eighth wonder of the world (Layli's barnbutt being the seventh.)

Numbering five million believers in every continent reading literature translated into more than 800 languages, the Bahai faith is growing (like cancer) faster than any other religion but Zoroastrianism with its some 200,000 adherents. ("Facts and stats" courtesy Layli Miller-Bahualliahhuah.)

Far from creating a “monstrous BIG BROTHER,” (ignore IMBRA please) Bahais believe their faith is the most suited world religion to sustain modern, progressive society (while enslaving men and destroying other religions.)

They believe in promoting sexual equality (as long as women are "more equal"), (Bahai) universal education and (no) religious tolerance, and eliminating prejudice (except for men who like foreign women), extreme wealth and poverty, — teachings that they say hold the answers to global warming, erosion of family life and racism (except for their hatred of Asian and Latin women.)

The gardens took 10 years to create, and along with two other buildings finished in 2000, cost 250 million dollars (170 million euros) (of American taxpayer dollars - where else did you think they got 250 million dollars - from working for it? "10 years to create the gardens" and taxpayer funded Tahirih Justice Center just celebrated their 10TH ANNIVERSARY! Hmmmm.... What a coincidence!)

Although they receive only modest stipends to cover food and basic expenses ($80,000+ a year to cover Layli's modest basic expenses), (unpaid) Bahai volunteers describe their mission as “life-changing” or “priceless.”

Unlike Christian, Muslim and Jewish organisations, Bahais keep totally aloof from politics (except for Layli Miller-Muro and her Tahirih Justice Center which not only panders to politicians for taxpayer money, has politicians of both parties speak at her never-ending fundraisers, uses politicians photos on her website, holds fundraisers for BOTH political parties (got to keep both bases covered) and shows an ugly photo of herself in front of Capital Hill - NO, "no politics" involved with Layli and the Bahai Faith. Layli is about as "non-political" as Karl Rove!)

Israel grants them freedom to run their World Centre.

“We are very proud that the holiest place (next to the Tahirih Justice Center) for the Bahais is situated in Haifa. The way they have done the whole area, the mountain, is outstanding. It is considered the eighth wonder of the world,” said Yahav.

The Bahai gardens are the main tourist attraction in Haifa, he said. (The sand being the 2nd.)

Bahais believe in progressive revelation (i.e. all religions succumbing to the Bahai Faith), that the world’s great religions trace one divine plan from Abraham, Krishna, Moses, Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed, to Bab and Babuallah in 19th-century Persia. (Sorry but as a Christian my belief stops with Jesus NOT the fraudulent Communist "Bab" and panderer egotist "Babuallah", the 2 most phony "prophet$" in History.)

Not all are smitten.

“It’s a bit too artificial,” said Swiss tourist Egiolio Spada, pointing at the grass. “For instance, if you look at the green it seems plastic.” (Well Egiolio that is because it is supposed to resemble MONEY - the Bahais favorite shade of green.)


In the future, Bahá'í Houses of Worship will be constructed in every town and village."
(Bahá'u'lláh: Kitáb-i-Aqdas: Notes, pp. 190-191)

(So keep sending those tax dollars and other donations to Tahirih Ju$tice Center Inc. a VA based taxpayer funded for profit feminist Bahai organization. Oh Bualliuahiiualh! We will put up temples of worship for you at American taxpayers expense all over America and the World.)

Title: Re: More "facts and stats" about Layli Miller-Muro's religious cult and IMBRA fa
Post by: Delphi_Programmer on June 08, 2008, 06:21:32 PM
Isn't it pretty arrogant of them to have their HEADQUARTERS in ISRAEL and not admit Israeli citizens to their cult (er, I mean "religion")?  That's like putting Hitler's palace in Israel (if it existed then) with "No Jews Allowed" signs on all the surrounding beer halls (never mind it's in their country!).

These people should be feared indeed!

The Bible does predict that world calamity, world tyranny, and ultimately the Antichrist himself, will emerge from the Middle East.  Interesting!

Title: Re: More "facts and stats" about Layli Miller-Muro's religious cult and IMBRA fa
Post by: frank johnson on June 09, 2008, 07:49:59 AM
And yet through their American headquarters (aka the Tahirih Justice Center Cell), Layli is spending taxpayer money as fast as she gets it to brainwash Christian, etc. people into becoming Bahais.

Sometimes the left cell doesn't know what the right cell is doing!

JUST KIDDING! They know EXACTLY what they are doing. I don't expect "our representatives" (cough cough) in WASH, DC to ever catch on as fast as the American public will though. When Bahai kickbacks are concerned, politicians are always the last to care or know.

There was a movie about the Bahais called "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers."

Well actually it was about alien parasites - same thing though! Same methods. Same agendas (taking over the world.) Of course the "pods", unlike Layli and other Bahais, actually looked human.(http://)(http://)(http://)

Title: Re: More "facts and stats" about Layli Miller-Muro's religious cult and IMBRA fa
Post by: Delphi_Programmer on June 09, 2008, 07:05:46 PM
Rush Limbaugh went on another tirade today.  He was enraged that the environmentalist wackos are proposing a law banning beach bonfires in Seattle.

I felt compelled to respond.

Here's my letter:

Dear Rush,

I'm happy to hear your incensed that the left is taking our freedoms away little by little, as illustrated by this proposed beach bonfire ban in Seattle to address global warming hysteria.  I agree with you whole-heartedly that this constant encroachment on our liberty is so illustrative of the leftist agenda in this country, and that these people just want to see America decline and see us Americans get punished for our sins.  I also agree totally that it's high time we get fed up with this constant attack on our liberty, and cause an upheaval in the elected legislature and state houses across the country on election day.  Rush, you are so right on!

I just want to know when you're going to say the same thing about the robbery of the freedom of American singles to say "hi" to romance seekers in international personals columns.

Title: Re: More "facts and stats" about Layli Miller-Muro's religious cult and IMBRA fa
Post by: frank johnson on June 17, 2008, 11:20:48 PM
More reviews on the movie and facts about why the Bahais love IMBRA Layli and other Bahai-Nazis don't want you to see or even hear about.

Bahais In My Backyard is a documentary film that lifts the curtain on a seemingly "feel good" religion and ITS INVOLVEMENT IN WORLD POLITICS AND THE MILITARY.

World peace is the objective of the Bahai faith - a mysterious and widespread religion. This is an investigative road movie about two overachieving directors, a prophet's great-granddaughter, and a CIA agent. A detective-like quest after the Bahai religion, which originated in Iran some 150 years ago, and ended up building its world centre on Mount Carmel in Haifa, Israel.

Asaf grew up next to the beautiful Bahai gardens, staring out of his bedroom window when the Bahais excavated the entire Mount Carmel and BUILT A SECRET UNDERGROUND CITY. He shared his thoughts and FEARS with Naama. They join forces to try and find out what lies beneath the Bahai Gardens - and document it cinematically. The directors' mission begins in their backyard, using their un-polished detective skills to garner as much information about the underground city as possible. They make numerous trips to the Bahai gardens as "tourists", trying to find loop holes which will gain them access them to the floors below. They meet people who have worked for the Bahai under ground, and who are willing to anonymously reveal what lies beneath.

The story turns international, when the two directors follow a worldwide espionage affair. Dr. David Kelly, the MI6 agent - an expert on weapons of mass destruction, and a Bahai follower - was found dead in the woods of Oxfordshire, England. The directors meet with a British intelligence analyst, the head of the Bahai faith in England, and an investigative journalist. They meet some elderly and sweet Bahais who knew both Kelly and the American CIA agent, but who are uncomfortable giving out 'CLASSIFIED" INFORMATION. It is only then that Asaf and Naama realize that chasing a CIA agent and a dead scientist is stretching their detective skills.

They return to Israel and convince the Bahai administration in Haifa to show them around the undergound city of Mount Carmel.

1. Written by KeyvanThis (aka Layli Miller-Muro) e-mail address is being protected from spam bots (i.e. unwanted public scrutiny),
This "documentary" is absolute nonsense. (screams Layli hysterically) As someone who has been to Haifa, is thoroughly grounded in Baha'i history and beliefs, and those RADICAL GROUPS (Christians, men, foreign women, etc.)  which attempt to slander the Baha'i Faith, I can tell you how this is flat out false.  (We Bahais are peace-loving people who don't get involved in politics or men's rights or taking over the world or preventing men from marrying foreign women.)
Any idea of government conspiracies that drive the Baha'i Faith is absurd (says "honest Abe" Layli Miller-Muro.) That kind of talk was a baseless attempt by fanatic Muslim clerics in Iran (and the fanatic Muslim clerics on the ODR site) in the 19th century to slander the Baha'i Faith. They blamed everything that went wrong on the British, and of all those conspiracy theories the one about the Baha'i's was a drop in the bucket. Such conspiracy theories have been preserved, expanded, and passed down by anti-Baha'i's throughout the years. (We Bahais NEVER use propaganda. We are peaceful angels who only care about the rights of non-Bahai people.) 
These "filmmakers" have been mislead and misunderstanding every step of the way. Their references in creating the film were the same anti Baha'i's propagating these absurd views. Furthermore, they tactically cut the film and frame people, events, and quotes out of context (Layli NEVER does that), and neglecting of retort to their biased and absurd conclusions. (On the other hand Layli "KNOWS" as an un-biased expert that 100 % of American men who seek foreign women are "premeditated torturers, serial abusers and pedophiles which is why you should give her more money.")

The doco was interesting because it was from a non-Baha’i perspective without the HEAVY HAND of the official arm of the faith.  Baha’is HEAVILY CONTROL ALL MEDIA that is put out about the Baha’i faith, and many non-Baha’i journos blithely accept Baha’i claims without much (unwanted) scrutiny.

). This symbol is to be contrasted to the largely contrived and counterfeit (dare one say, counter-initiatic) version made-up by the Baha'i founders bearing the same name.

For those googling my name and running into the Baha'i Wars, finding the LIBEL AND SLANDER OF ONLINE BAHAI CULTISTS and their various agents against me, I first direct you over to Frederick Glaysher's website, especially the section entitled the Baha'i Technique . Next I would inform my reader that contrary to that peaceful and benign public relations image the Baha'i organization has projected of itself to the outside world, like Scientology and the Moonies , BAHAISM IS A VERY DANGEROUS (ULTRA-RIGHTWING) STALINIST CULT with ties to some of the most nefarious (usually reactionary ultra-rightwing) political forces and actors of the past one-hundred odd years. They maintained close ties with the Pahlavi dictatorship and were also heavily involved with the SHAH'S SERCRET POLICE SAVAK; one of their so-called hands of the cause, Enoch Olinga, was a personal friend to Ugandan dictator Idi Amin and it was as a result of the anti-Amin coup d'etat  whereby he and his family lost their lives in 1979; members of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Chile served in the junta cabinet of Augusto Pinochet; current uhj member Farzam Arbab was a close friend to leaders of the Peruvian Maoist Shining Path Communist terrorist organization and modelled the Baha'i Ruhi Institutes  on South American Communist indoctrination cells; and, of course, the Baha'i organization maintains the closest of relations with the political machinery and intelligence establishment of the state of Israel, not to mention the regimes of the corrupt Gulf Arab sheikhdoms and the House of Sa'ud .

I have found it very troubling over the years that the Baha'i organization's human rights violation claims on closer examination are largely BOGUS, CONTRIVED AND OFTEN EXAGERRATED. ("Men are all premeditated torturers, pedophiles and serial abusers.") Indeed - other than 200 odd people who were executed by the regime for various crimes of CORRUPTION under the previous one (and not due to their religious affiliation, despite what Baha'is say) - it appears that the rulers of the Islamic Republic of Iran  have actually gone out of their way to accomodate the Baha'is inside Iran. Baha'is have been left relatively unmolested and prominent Baha'i investors have even been known to be in close business partnerships with that regime's political elite, such as the children of former president Hashemi Rafsanjani.

Yet, withal, the Baha'is have also gone out of their way to fabricate or exagerrate human rights violations in Iran with Western human rights groups in order to maintain some bloated sense of relevence with the outside world and as a means by their leadership to divert the attention of its rank-and-file from INTERNAL PROBLEMS, MASSIVE CORRUPTIONS AND MISDEEDS - i.e. things such as involvement in ILLEGAL TRADE RACKETS AND BLACK MARKET SMUGGLING OPERATIONS, SPYING for intelligence agencies (USCIS, Dept. of Homeland Security,etc.) of certain foreign governments (USA) FOR MONEY, hawala networks and such like. This is an organization - despite all of its glitz, glamour, rhetoric and claims to being peace-loving and benign - which (like all Stalinist-type organizations) actually thrives on crisis and conflict. As such all those who dissent or publicly antagonize against its STALINIST-CULT MODUS OPERANDI are relentless targets of public libel and slander, if not far, far worse. In short, what we are dealing with in Bahaism is not a harmless religion, a benign cult or NRM, but rather an INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL SYNDICATE AND MAFIA - with shady beginnings, contemporary alliances of the far-right reactionary variety and criminal associations - masquerading as one. For all its pretences otherwise, this organization is ANTI-HUMANITARIAN to the core as well as RACIST (no kidding!) and a perusal of the Taheri letters is proof of this. I have chosen to fight this organization publicly and to the bitter end, if need be, in order to expose it to the world for what it is (viz. A TOOL OF THE DEVIL and its antichrist, i.e . a manifestation of the counter-powers of darkness) and, Godhead willing, to bring it crash, tumbling down for the universal good, for historical posterity and in the Name of the Godhead! As such I would urge my reader to view the following recent documentary film by indepedendet Israeli film maker Naama Pyritz and Asaf Shafir, entitled "Bahais In My Backyard," which puts all my foregoing and subsequent statements in some context.

In the late 19th century the Afnan family - those commercial agents of Mirza Husayn 'Ali Nuri, the Baha'i founder - were responsible for both introducing and diffusing the use of opium to Iran. From its profits many of the Baha'i so-called scriptures were first printed in India and one of the means by which the Nuri household in Palestine maintained its lavish lifestyle. As such the financial fortune and rise of Baha'ism in the Middle East - and Iran especially - was veritably built upon the opium trade and the addendum addiction epidemic it spawned. Given this, it can be argued, therefore, that the very historical roots of the present drug problem in Iran lays squarely at the feet of the Baha'i founders.

Reader note I am in the middle of an information (not to mention a full fledged magickal-occult) war with the Haifan Bahaim organization. Presently THEY ARE MANIPULATING SEARCH ENGINES SUCH AS GOOGLE (NO surprise there) so that all their defamation, slander and libel against me comes up first under all searches of my name. Non-Bahaim observers beware! This tactic has been employed against all their IDEOLOGICAL ENEMIES - and it is being specifically directed by an ad hoc internet committee taskforce (composed exclusively of PROFESSIONAL COMPUTER HACKERS who engage in outright criminal behavior, such as manipulating search engines and hacking into people's personal email accounts, and on the specific direction of Bahaim authorities) of the so-called National Spiritual Assemblies of the US and UK -, and it is a manifestation of one of their patented strategies spelled out by Frederick Glaysher as the Baha'i Technique. Also of note, presently they are bullying a smaller, rival Baha'i group known as the Orthodox Baha'is in the United States, while they wolf-cry about largely bogus and exagerrated human rights abuses in Iran and Egypt. Additional to this, a massive financial scandal has just erupted in Italy whereby it has been revealed that the Secretary of the so-called National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Italy has been found engaging in CRIMINAL EMBEZZLEMENT AND FRAUD (Hi Layli) to the tune of 360,000 euros, and for well over a decade now.

Bahais in My Backyard — Lifts the curtain on a seemingly “feel good” religion and its involvement in world politics and the military.

Our experience suggests that there are large numbers of GAYS AND LESBIANS in the Baha'i Faith. Furthermore, many heterosexual Baha'is are supportive of gays and lesbians.

The Gay Baha'i (Bahai) website. Here Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Transgendered Baha'is and their supporters can chat and know that they are not alone! (Tahirih "volunteers" - here is where you can find that "special someone" even if they are foreigners in Iran.)

Iran's Bahai Religious Minority Says It Faces Raids and Arrests (Just like Bahais do to U.S. International Friendship Services)

Published: June 1, 2006

Members of the Bahai religious minority in Iran said this week that the government had recently intensified a campaign of arrests, raids and propaganda that was aimed at eradicating their religion in Iran, the country of its birth. (Not to be confused with the PROPAGANDA designed to stop non-Bahai American men from marrying non-Bahai foreign women.)

On May 19, Iranian security officials arrested 54 Bahais in the city of Shiraz who were involved in a community service project, many of them in their teens and early 20's, said diplomatic officials and Bahai officials outside of Iran.

They were not charged and all but three were released within six days, these officials said.

It was the largest mass arrest of Bahais since the 1980's, when thousands of them were imprisoned and more than 200 were executed by the new Islamic government.

The developments have alarmed (Bahai) human rights monitors at the United Nations , who say (lie) that since December, the government newspaper in Tehran has published more than 30 articles denigrating the Bahai faith — even accusing Bahais of sacrificing Muslim children on holy days. ("A lie!", says Layli, "We do it every day and not just Muslim children.") The arrests coincided with raids on six Bahai homes, in which notebooks, documents and computers were confiscated. More than 70 other Bahais have been arrested since January 2005 in smaller clusters, and some are still being held, the monitors said.

"We see a pattern emerging that is quite ominous," said Bani Dugal (Bahai plant), who represents the Bahai International Community at the United Nations, where religious and some other groups have consultative status. "It's basically trying to create terror in the Bahai community, and also to win over the Iranian population to accept it." (Not to be confused with Layli's fabricated "terror" about abusive men in order to win over the American population to accept IMBRA.)

Mohammad Mohammadi, press secretary for Iran's mission to the United Nations, said he had no information about arrests of Bahais and would not be able to respond until Monday because of an Iranian holiday this week.

The Bahais are the largest religious minority in Iran, with about 300,000 members there. There are five million worldwide. (Facts and stat courtesy Layli Miller-Muro.) They believe that humanity is one race, that men and women are equal and that all religions and prophets are derived from the same source, God. (the Iranian woman.)

They have suffered successive waves of persecution in Iran since their faith was founded there in the mid-1800's by a Persian nobleman considered by the Bahais to be a messenger of God. That belief violates the Islamic teaching that God sent many prophets before Muhammad, but none afterward. The Bahai are discriminated against in some other Muslim countries, where they are far less numerous than in Iran. (Not in America though where they control the political system.)

Unlike Jews and Christians, who have seats in Iran's Parliament set aside for them as religious minorities, Bahais in Iran are considered "unprotected INFIDELS," said Kit Bigelow, director for external affairs of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahais of the United States. Bahais are not permitted to attend college, work for the government or practice their faith openly. (Just the opposite of America.)

She called the recent arrests "the latest step in the implementation of a strategy on the part of the Iranian government to eliminate the Bahai community." (Not to be confused with Layli's attempt to eliminate American men from marrying foreign women.)

Asma Jahangir (Bahai plant), the United Nations special rapporteur who monitors freedom of religion for the Commission on Human Rights, announced in March that she had just learned about a confidential letter from the chairman of the command headquarters of Iran's armed forces instructing government agencies to identify all Bahais and monitor their activities. (Can't we get something like this in America?)

Ms. Jahangir said the letter was sent on Oct. 29, 2005, on the orders of Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei . Ms. Jahangir said in a statement in March that she was concerned that "information gained as a result of such monitoring will be used as a basis for the increased persecution of, and discrimination against, members of the Bahai faith, in violation of international standards." (Not to be confused with "information gained as a result of such monitoring via IMBRA will be used as a basis for the increased persecution of, and discrimination against, American men, foreign women and International Friendship Services, in violation of international standards.")

Mr. Mohammadi, the Iranian press secretary, said he could not confirm whether such a document existed.

Azedah Perry, a Bahai in North Carolina, said that among the 54 arrested in May were 3 of her nieces, ages 17, 18 and 21. She spoke by telephone with her nieces after their release, and said they told her they were interrogated during their six days in prison, but tried to keep their morale up by praying and singing (and writing poems I assume.) She said when they were arrested, they were volunteering in a community service project at several public schools. She said they were teaching underprivileged children English, science and mathematics — not the Bahai faith (ah yeah sure, you bet) — and had permission letters from the local Islamic council in their pockets.

Last year, Mrs. Perry's brother-in-law in Shiraz was taken by armed Iranian guards from his home and held for six weeks in a prison in Tehran with several other Bahai men before being released, Mrs. Perry said.

"It's hard to live in such a situation," she said. "You don't know what will happen each day. The day they attacked my sister's house, she was in her bedroom and she saw guards with guns in her backyard."

The United States (Bahai controlled) Congress is considering a resolution that would condemn the Iranian government for repressing Bahais and call on President Bush to make the abuse of Bahais a significant factor in United States foreign policy.

Representative Mark Steven Kirk, an Illinois REPUBLICAN who co-sponsored the resolution with Representative Tom Lantos of California, said, "My fear is that if the regime leads the country into a confrontation with the West, it will be the cover for a great human rights crime, as happened before."

(Meanwhile my heart just bleeds and bleeds for these "helpless harmless" Bahais. Sob Sob.)

Below photos - (1) Asma Jahangir (Bahai plant) of the United Nations whines Bahais in Iran are being identified and monitored.

(2) Layli Miller-Muro (Bahai plant) of the Tahirih Justice Center Bahai Cell screams Men in America who like foreign women need to be identified and monitored.(http://)(http://)

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Post by: frank johnson on July 09, 2008, 07:29:01 AM
Our weekly lesson in Bahai Terrorist religious brainwashing (or as the Bahais call them - BAHAI FEMINIST THEOLOGIANS.......)

(some excerpts but the whole thing is worth reading - on an empty stomach)

Feminist theology
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Feminist theology is a movement, generally in Christianity and Judaism, to reconsider the traditions, practices, scriptures, and theologies of their religion from a feminist perspective. Some of the goals of feminist theology include increasing the role of women among the clergy and RELIGIOUS AUTHORITIES, reinterpreting MALE-DOMINATED IMAGERY (man with white beard when it should be Iranian woman) and language about God, determining women's place in relation to career and motherhood, and studying images of women in the religion's sacred texts.

Feminists have attempted to counter perceptions of women as morally or spiritually inferior to men; as a source of SEXUAL TEMPTATION (something Layli will never have to worry about); as dedicated to childbearing, their homes, and husbands (Yuck - we Bahais can't have all that nonsense!); and as having a lesser role in religious ritual or leadership because of such inferiority or dedication.

    * 1 Methodology
    * 2 In Judaism
    * 3 In Christianity
    * 4 In Islam
    * 5 In the BAHAI FAITH
    * 6 Other religions
    * 7 Gender and God
    * 8 See also
    * 9 Bibliography
    * 10 References (to mainly BAHAI articles)
    * 11 External links ( To BAHAI articles)

In the Bahá'í Faith

    Main article: Bahá'í Faith and gender equality

The Bahá'í Faith has as one of its main teachings the principle of the equality of men and women.[1] The Bahá'í teachings suggest that for humanity to advance, that each gender, though not identical in function, must work in unison with each other and allow the healthy functioning of society. (Yawwwnnnn! Where have I heard that hackneyed sentence before so many times? Layli screams "The Bahai writings say....") The Bahá'í teachings state that gender equality has positive results for everyone, not only women, and that the benefits that result as society improves the station of women, also results in positive results for men. One of the main ways that the Bahá'í Faith believes that gender equality can be achieved is through the Bahá'í belief in universal education, which requires the same academic and spiritual education for both girls and boys.[2]

The history of feminism in Bahá'í history begins with Táhirih, an early Babi leader,[3] and the history contains many other prominent women including Ásíyih Khánum, Bahiyyih Khánum (who is the only woman who was the head of a large religion, even if briefly), Martha Root, Munírih Khánum, May Maxwell and Rúhíyyih Khánum.[4] With this early spiritual leadership of women, the effort of recognizing the equality of women and men has been on ongoing internal and external rallying point for Bahá'ís. Layyih Meuro-Murnahmo (A REAL NAME! Is this Layli Miller-Muro's Bahai "Pen Name?")

Among the more recent projects which sees the principle of advancing the role of women to equality are the BAHAI-INSPIRED TAHIRIH JUSTICE CENTER and the Barli Vocational Institute for Rural Women in Indore in India. Layli Miller-Muro founded the Táhirih Justice Center in 1997 following a well-publicized asylum case in which she was involved as a student attorney.[5] Layli later co-wrote a book with the client she had aided and used her portion of the proceeds for the initial funding of Táhirih. As of 2003, the organization had assisted (according to Layli's "facts and stats") more than 4,000 women and children fleeing from a wide variety of abuses.[6] The Barli Vocational Institute for Rural Women in Indore was founded in 1985 in India and offers a six-month program for tribal women at its facilities in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.[7] Through June 1996, a total of 769 rural tribal women have been trained at the Institute; the women came from 119 villages, and after returning home to their cities or villages 45% of them established small businesses, 62% are functionally literate or semi-literate (which has motivated people to send their children to school), 42% have started growing vegetables, 97% are using safe drinking water, all the former trainees and many of their male relatives have given up drinking alcohol (a Bahai goal for men), and caste prejudices have been eliminated.[8] ("facts and stats" courtesy Layli Miller-Muro or should I say  Layyih Meuro-Murnahmo?)

Other religions

In the latter part of the 20th Century, feminism was influential in the rise of Neopaganism in the United States, and particularly the Dianic tradition. Some feminists find the worship of a goddess, rather than a god , to be consonant with their views. Others are polytheists, and worship a number of goddesses. The collective set of beliefs associated with this is sometimes known as thealogy and sometimes referred to as the Goddess movement. See also Dianic Wicca. (aka Witchcraft) (see also Bahai - aka Bitchcraft)

 Gender and God

    Main article: Gender and God

Others who practice feminist spirituality may instead adhere to a feminist re-interpretation of Western monotheistic traditions. In those cases, the notion of God as having a MALE GENDER IS REJECTED, and God is not referred to using male pronouns. Feminist spirituality may also object to images of God that they perceive as authoritarian, parental, or disciplinarian, instead emphasizing "maternal" attributes such as nurturing, acceptance, and creativity.

 See also

    * Liberation theology
    * Postmodern Christianity
    * When God Was a Woman
    * Christian theological praxis


   1. ^ Shoffstall, Veronica (1999-10). "Advancement of Women: A BAHAI PERSPECTIVE, by Janet and Peter Khan: TRANSFORMING the roles of women and men, a Review". One Country 10. New York: BAHAI International Community. ISSN 1018-9300.
   2. ^ Kuzyk, Leslie William (2003). "Gender Equality", Social Justice, Wealth Equity and Gender Equality: BAHAIS and non-Bahá'ís of Alberta. Calgary: University of Calgary (Alberta), Faculty of Graduate Studies.
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   5. ^ (BAHAI BIBLE BY LAYLI MILLER-MURO) Fauziya Kassindja, Do They Hear You When You Cry. p. 171. The case name became Matter of Kasinga , because Fauziya did not know if it was proper to correct the immigration official who misspelled her last name on her entry into the United States.
   6. ^ 2003 Annual Report TAHIRIH JUSTICE CENTER, Retrieved July 10, 2006
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   8. ^ Barli Vocational Institute for Rural Women (2002-02-17). Barli Vocational Institute for Rural Women. Retrieved on 2006-09-15.

 External links

    * Unclipping the Wing: A Survey of Secondary Literature in English on BAHAI Perspectives on Women by Trevor R. J. Finch
    * Directory of BAHAI Articles on Gender Equality

Heaven and Hell


 The BAHAI FAITH teaches that there in fact is NO SUCH THING AS HEAVEN or hell and that heaven and hell are mere "states of being distant or near to God".

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Post by: frank johnson on July 11, 2008, 07:37:54 AM
I don't find it odd at all queer lesbians hate American men marrying foreign women. Gay men could give a damn but queer lesbian women, especially Asian queer women want us to stop potentially taking all the "hot women" away from them. Iranian Bahai queer lesbian women who love IMBRA are even worse I would imagine. Right Layli?

Queer Bahais - aren't they all? And they want you to be also, especially if you are female.

Naturally they don't have to be fingerprinted or stripsearched via IMBRA to "chat" if one of them is overseas (usually in Iran.) Why? Because they are "religious" ha ha ha.

"I still hate myself for being queer. I just want to dream and think about boys instead of girls.
I love being a Baha'i. I will never leave the Baha'i Faith."

2005-05-02 08:37 pm UTC

"You might benefit from a support group of like-minded (queer)  Baha'is struggling with the same challenges as you are."

2005-06-20 11:25 pm

"I was a Baha'i for 17+ years. I have been gay all my life."

2005-06-21 05:38

"I am queer. I'm a Baha'i, and I always will be."

2006-05-12 04:56 pm

"Most of them I know are humble strong inspiring gay baha'is, I searched them through the internet, gay baha'i blogs."

2007-04-14 07:01

"They have them at all the Bahai Schools and in Canada."

- - - - - - - - - -
"The conversation has already started on
our new yahoo group for lesbian, gay, bi,
trans, and intersex (LGBTI) followers of the
Bahai Faith."

"Here Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Transgendered Baha'is can chat"

"I'm queer, I'm happy being queer, I'm proud of it, and see no reason to change."

"This is Northampton, which is often referred to as Lesbianville, USA, so I would assume that the Baha'i community would be especially accepting."

Title: Re: More "facts and stats" about Layli Miller-Muro's religious cult and IMBRA fa
Post by: frank johnson on July 16, 2008, 04:00:09 PM
Yet more Bahai Fraud and Fun facts which explain why Layli Miller-Muro needs to lie and pander to get more money and why IMBRA is so spiritually important for her and the Bahai Terrorist agendas.

 Financial Scandal Rocks Italian BAHAI Community   

Written by Baquia, Baha'i Rants   

Saturday, 10 March 2007

Recently the small Italian BAHAI community was shocked to learn that one of its most PROMINENT, long-serving and active MEMBERS, the former General Secretary of the NSA: Franco Ceccherini, had been ousted from the NSA and formally charged for EMBEZZLEMENT AND FRAUD in the amount of 360,000 Euros.

Ceccherini allegedly STOLE the money over the lengthy period of time that he served at the highest levels of the BAHAI community in Italy. It appears that he EMBEZZLED funds from 1992 until 2006 by FRAUDULENTLY PRODUCING INVOICES, LETTERS AND DOCUMENTS and then POCKETING THE FUNDS he received for them.

(Thank goodness Layli Miller-Muro would never commit any sort of fraud of embezzlement. By the way Layli, what exactly did you do with all that money given to you? "Protect women?" Ha Ha Ha

"Soon will the present-day (Christian) order be rolled up, and a new (Bahai) one spread out in its stead."

"The Baha'i Writings talk about the rich voluntarily giving up their wealth to help the poor." (You mean like Communism?)

"You cannot create a world order based on liberty, freedom and justice when your main ingredients are tyranny and force." ("5 years in prison", screams Layli "and a $25,000 fine payable to me for each address sold!")

"I believe that the civil rights laws should be repealed." (An Iranian American empire is our Bahai dream and goal.)

"It's true that in a free society (Bahai) supremacists could spread their pernicious propaganda to children as well."

"Wouldn't the dual powers of church and state create another way for the Baha'is' right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?" (Screw men and foreign women's rights and happiness.)

"Take away what the Egyptian (or American) state controls, and it will take away their ability to control the Baha'is."

The Opium trade back in the 19th century was well hidden by most

With the internet, the Baha'i Drug Trade has been exposed. It is
unconscionble to have a so-called "World Religion" born in the Middle
East, and setting out an example by selling illicit drugs to China.
Thus making 2.5% of all Chinese opium addicted by the 1920's.

How could this so-called religion= Baha'i Faith then claim to be the
return of Buddha-Zoroaster-Jesus-Moses -when one detects incredible
amount of ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES early in its "Baha'i Infancy"?

May be the next "prophet" will be needed in less than 1000 years as
Baha'ism has already lost its spiritual form- and is massively
DEFRAUDING the world by claiming "unity-love-theocracy" while its
HIDDEN AGENDA is starting to rear its **really ugly disgusting** head.

Any intelligent human being can detect what all of us have been
noticing-namely that Baha'ism is a **FRAUD** created to achieve

The Arc in Haifa- called Baha'i Disneyland AKA= ABD= offer a great
example of how Baha'is spend their income. However, a closer inspection
of how Baha'is earn their income is even more telling.

Baha'is have a tendency to DEFRAUD their respective government. An
example is the Iranian Refugees who come to the US with large amount of
cash but then claim poverty in order to obtain food stamp and Medicaid
health coverage. (Although Layli get millions of tax dollars too.)

Another example is professional Baha'is such as Berjis- who as a
physician DEFRAUDED the US government of over $100,000,000.00 in span
of 25 years. (Almost as much as Layli is defrauding the US government and taxpayers.)

Another example is the Langdegg Baha'i School in Swizterland. The
school was closed over the huge MONEY LAUNDERING AND EMBEZZLEMENT
performed by Baha'is. And we all were told that Baha'is shine for their
righteousness and honesty? (I wonder how much money laundering and embezzlement goes on at Tahirih Justice Center? "You'll never know", scream Layli hysterically, "because the IRS is scared to audit me and the politicians will never investigate me because I control them!")

Another example is UNETHICAL actitivities of baha'i businesses- such as
Phenomenex. This Baha'i chemical company in Los Angeles has been
provided tools for torturing animals according to animal right activitists:

Another example is the MASSIVE EMBEZZELMENT OF DONATIONS at the annual
Phoenix Baha'i Conference. (Boy these donations to Bahais sure disappear quick don't they Layli?)

Another example is the $2000,000.00 EMBEZZELMENT that occured during
the second world congress in New York in 1992. The Baha'i
whistleblowers were chastised by the US NSA simply for reporting the massive
financial fraud. In fact, some of them even lost their Baha'i rights-
such as Mr. Sobhani. ("Whistleblowers at Tahirih Justice Center usually "disappear" fast." screams Layli.)

Another is the internal self dealings of Baha'is. The UHJ built their
dysneyland in Haifa with contractors- who were ''''Baha'is''''. The
contractors then poured money back into UHJ coffers as a token of
gratitude for having received their 'exclusive' contract **without**
having had any competitive bids. (None competitive bids? You mean like Haliburton or Tahirih Justice Center getting paid to enforce IMBRA?)

Another Baha'i fraud is the absolute lack of transparency in the
accounting of the Baha'i Huququllah Trust and the UHJ Endowment Fund
(which has swelled past the ONE BILLION USD mark). ("One billion!", screams Layli, "Now we're talking about REAL money!")

The bahai faith is run like a business corporation. FRAUD indeed has many interesting faces.

An interesting newsgroup article posted on soc.religion.bahai that talks about a 40% dropout rate for the bahai faith in the North America : 40% dropout

I wanted to express my thanks for the time you've taken to set up a page to expose the Bahai FALSEHOODS.

After discovering for myself the LIES and MISREPRESENTATIONS Baha'is make about their history and doctrines, I found that in order for the Baha'i Faith to be true, one would have to accept a number of claims at face value, without any EVIDENCE. ("I know as an expert", screams Layli, "that the men are all premeditated torturers, pedophiles and serial abusers. Honest. Really. I wouldn't lie. Why $hould I make up the$e thing$?")

The sad thing in all this was that not only did the Baha'i Faith end up being just another religious 'bait-and-switch' scheme

My years in Baha'i were years of growing disillusionment. The Baha'i authorities kept promosing a great conversion to Baha'i was imminent, and that IRAN WOULD BE TURNED OVER TO BAHAI. ("This is why America MUST attack and invade Iran!" screams Layli.)

After the 1978-79 revolution I noticed a vast immigration of Baha'is with any wealth to the U.S.A. I noticed that most of these Baha'is had used Baha'i channels in the West (Tahirih Justice Center) to ILLEGALLY FUNNEL money from Iran over long periods of time to support them in their life in the West.

(Yes I can certainly see why her Bahai Faith and Layli are like peas in a pod. Can you possibly try to imagine how much fraud is going on at Tahirih Justice Center?)

Title: Re: More "facts and stats" about Layli Miller-Muro's religious cult and IMBRA fans
Post by: frank johnson on August 06, 2008, 12:50:27 AM
I'm not sure this has been mentioned before on ODR but if not, here is a chance to see Layli "at work" exercising her huge lying mouth (or is it excorcising?)

On youtube there is a short 1 minute 20 second clip of Layli babbling incoherently with eyes rolling like a crazy person and wild meaningless hand gestures a la Hitler. This is part of her "The Bahai Writings say" Bahai propaganda speech that must have originally been at least 30 minutes in length knowing Layli's propensity to ramble on and on when begging and pandering for easy money for her Bahai Faith takeover. Guess it beats actually working for a living.

I must assume this was the only portion of the speech that made any sense assuming you can decipher what she is saying.

The fun part is watching the crazed look in her eyes - the eyes of a Bahai demon - as she chatters about something. This was the interview where she whined that anti-IMBRA people were picking on her, putting her financial information on the internet (try and find it though, even the IRS hasn't a clue about the fraud going on), putting up photos of her and her family on the internet (i.e. the photos SHE puts up of her and her family on and the tons of other photos she puts up of herself on the web.) I assume the youtube video portion must have been filmed right after her trying to brainwash people into thinking someone (anti-IMBRA) was "out to get her." You can tell by how "frightened" she appears in the video.

Look at a video of an actual fascist and documented liar. This is the woman that "knows" YOU are a "premeditated torturer, pedophile and serial abuser" and she also wrote, promoted and sneaked in IMBRA. This is the face of a megalomaniac who believes only SHE knows what is best for foreign women including your wife or fiancee. This is the woman who truly thinks SHE is the one best qualified to govern America and the rest of the world. This is her self-titled "social visionary." This is a Communist that can only thrive with your tax dollars and she gets them - LOTS of them. This is the face of the enemy - a delusional psychotic who loves herself to the point of obsession. Truly demented.

In other words, she is nuttier than a fruitcake. Doesn't stop our "elected representatives" from kissing her rear though and giving her as much of our hard earned money as she demands. Kickbacks anyone?

This person is dangerous - REALLY dangerous! Makes Hitler look like small change. Insane as Hell. I mean REALLY insane. Just look at her. How many women do you know that act like that?

"Don't worry you little future Bahai Princess of the World. You must be dunked under water otherwise how can I wash your brain?"

This is yet more proof why we need the Bahai Regulation Act (BRA). It is common knowledge they ALL are premeditated pedophiles, child abusers and serial terrorists, not to mention the brainwashing and sexual abuse of their poor children. Thousands of Bahai children are victims of this - VICTIMS that must be saved from the evils of Bahai Terrorism and their Bahai terrorist parents.

Please send as much donations as you can to the Frank Justice Center, a non-profit Christian organization to shelter sexually abused Bahai children and pass legislature to regulate and ban the scourge called the Bahai Faith. The children infected may be your own in the future if the Bahai Faith Terrorism is not stopped now. Stop the sexual abuse! Stop the brainwashing! These children need YOUR help! Donate now and donate often. We also need "volunteers" to help us with our important work and fundraisers.

Title: Re: More "facts and stats" about Layli Miller-Muro's religious cult and IMBRA fans
Post by: frank johnson on August 24, 2008, 08:22:49 AM
Layli uses Katrina tragedy to promote Tahirih Justice Center and other fun "facts and stats."

H A R D - F O U G H T
Historic Lawsuit Won Against an International Marriage Broker

Contact us
Tahirih Justice Center
6066 Leesburg Pike
Suite 220
Falls Church, VA
t: 703-575-0070
f: 703-575-0069
sendmoney@ begging-bahais.con

“When my husband started beating me
and I turned to the [International
Marriage Broker (IMB)] owner for
help, she basically told me I needed
to be a better wife….she told me if I tried to leave him I
would be deported…in disgrace or worse, that I would
have to leave my baby behind.” (This is a "quote?" Yet Layli didn't coin the misleading label of "International Marriage Broker" until at least a year later so how did Nataliya make it up? Then again we know that Nataliya is a fraud golddigger so I imagine Layli embelished this "article" to suit her agenda.

This emotional testimony comes from Nataliya Fox, a
young woman who courageously went public with her
painful ordeal. With the help of the Tahirih Justice Center (i.e. Layli coaching her and telling her what to say) and attorneys from the law firm of Arnold and Porter
LLP, she won a Federal District Court landmark ruling in November 2004. This ruling held the IMB liable for failing to tell her about her right to escape this abusive marriage and for actively misleading her about her options.
The broker lied about screening its male clients and about her potential husband and it advertised Nataliya’s marriage as a “success” without her permission.
After a particularly brutal beating while Nataliya breastfed their three-week-old little girl, she went to the hospital. In an emergency room, as nurses tended to the vicious wounds inflicted by her husband, Nataliya first learned about domestic violence shelters.

(A fine piece of fiction Layli - right up there with Jules Verne. Too bad Nataliya's husband is not allowed to speak up on the truth behind this scam.)

Layli shows her "concern" for the victims of Hurricane Katrina via a propaganda pitch for TJC:

Dear Friends,
We have all been watching the news of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita over the last few weeks with horror. For a nation so consistently blessed with material wealth and government services, the intolerable conditions of our brothers and sisters in the Gulf seems inconceivable. We are experiencing, as a nation, what many countries throughout the world often face—internally displaced people whose lives have been forever damaged (i.e. Bahais in Iran who don't get their way.) This is the experience of the TAHIRIH JUSTICE CENTER's—women who escaped their intolerable conditions and sought security in an un-known land. We now have a profound, new (if not still distant) understanding of their plight.
Your commitment to helping others facing injustice find a place to call home inspires the work of the TAHIRIH JU$TICE CENTER and the work of so many on behalf of the Hurricanes’ survivors. Thank you.
Warm regards,
Starving Layli

New Staff Enhances Clients’ Access
to Social Services
Thanks to a generou$ grant from the William
Randolph Hearst Foundation, clients at Tahirih
are receiving enhanced services as they settle into
new lives in America.

BAHAI Service Fellows Help Tahirih
Serve More Women
Tahirih recently welcomed two new BAHAI Service Fellows who will be replacing outgoing BAHAI Service Fellow, Rosita Najmi. Elham Simmons and Beatrice Kirkbright will be serving at Tahirih for the next year by supporting the Legal Team and its representation of women and girls fleeing human rights abuses. During their service, they are living with BAHAI families in the area, and receive a small stipend and health insurance. Additionally, they are helping local BAHAI  communities conduct study (i.e. brainwashing) classes, children’s (brainwashing) classes, and devotional gatherings. Tahirih is extremely grateful for the service of these women—without their devotion we would be unable to serve the large numbers of women (Bahais) who come to us for help (taxpayer money.)

Layli Miller-Muro,
Tahirih Ju$tice Center Executive Director

Title: Re: More "facts and stats" about Layli Miller-Muro's religious cult and IMBRA fans
Post by: frank johnson on August 25, 2008, 11:49:46 PM
More facts and stats on the Bahai Faith and its front the Tahirih Justice Center.

On Feb 13, 6:23 am, Bob <> wrote:

> The Tahirih organization is doing wonderful work.

Indeed, in taking tainted money from corrupt AmeriKKKan oil companies
and aligning itself with the policies and agendas of the war mongering
rightwing Zionist Moriah Fund, the Tahrih (In)Justice Center is doing

And an affiliate to several subsidiary organizations that run the NED
and the pro-Zionist Likkudnik, i.e. Michael Maggio:

"In 2002, Maggio received the Tahirih Justice Center's (TJC) Pushing
the Envelope award "for his pioneering legal work and generous support
of immigrants." According to their website, the TJC is an organization
"that enables women and girls fleeing gender-based violence to access
justice in the United States through high-quality pro bono legal
services and bridgebuilding public policy advocacy." However, Maggio's
receipt of the Pushing the Envelope award should not really come as a
surprise, as when he received TJC's award he was already a member of
their advisory board. In addition, in 2000 and 2001, TJC's board of
directors had a number of links to 'democratic' organizations which
came through Marla Zometsky (who represented the National Democratic
Institute), Vasu Mohan (who represented the International Foundation
for Election Systems), and Farida (who represented the Vital Voices
Global Partnership, which received NED aid in 2004).[5] However, at
present, the only 'democratically' linked director at TJC is Michael
F. MacLeod, who was a director of the Advocacy Institute in 2003 (at
least) - which is now known as the Advocacy Center at ISC. Current
'democratic' advisory board members sitting alongside Maggio at the
TJC include Theresa Loar (who is the cofounder and founding president
of Vital Voices), and Clovis Maksoud (who was formerly on the advisory
board of the American Committee on Jerusalem). Finally, particularly
'democratic' organizations and corporations listed as funders of TJC's
work include Creative Associates International, Inc., ChevronTexaco,
ExxonMobil, and the Moriah Fund."

The Tahirih (IN)Justice Center is a CIA-NED (National Endowment for
Democracy) pro-AIPAC (American Israeli Political Action Committee) run
operation from first to last.


Look into the CIA set-up and funded NED (National Endowment for
Democracy). This is an organization that has funding and support by
Internationalist-Integralists like George Soros (one of the kookiest
and nefarious individuals of the global elite) and assorted Oil
Companies like Exxon and Texaco and unsavory characters with feet both
in the espionage business as well as the New World Order/New Age BS.
Australian journalist John Pilger has made it his mission to expose
these so-and-sos. Various board members who sit on that of the Tahirih
(In)Justice Center sit on the board of the NED. The CIA has overtly
admitted that it set-up this organization, the National Endowment for
Democracy, after the US Congress forbad it by legislation from the
sort of covert/black flag operations it was up to back in the late 60s
through mid 70s in Indochina, Latin/South America and the rest of the
world. The Tahirih (In)Justice Center hosts the major endower of the
Moriah Fund on its board, who is one of the key endowers of the NED
and sits on the decision making body of the American-Israeli Political
Action Committee (AIPAC).

As for the One World/New Age movement - i.e. the System of the
Antichrist - these cultists are neck deep in it all the way and on all
levels of it.


On Feb 13, 11:10 pm, Bob <> wrote:

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> I was referring only to the work related to protecting women's rights.
> As to the rest, I have not investigated.
> I have known for some time that the BF (Bahai Faith) is deeply involved, below the
> radar, in international politics, particularly the "One-World" new age
> effort.
> This, from a religion that ostensibly forbids political activism.

> On Feb 12, 9:19 pm, 383 <> wrote:

> > On Feb 13, 6:23 am, Bob <> wrote:

> > > The Tahirih organization is doing wonderful work.

> > Indeed, in taking tainted money from corrupt AmeriKKKan oil companies
> > and aligning itself with the policies and agendas of the war mongering
> > rightwing Zionist Moriah Fund, the Tahrih (In)Justice Center is doing
> > swell.

> >

> > And an affiliate to several subsidiary organizations that run the NED
> > and the pro-Zionist Likkudnik, i.e. Michael Maggio:

View profile
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Newsgroups: talk.religion.bahai
From: 383 <>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2008 20:48:17 -0800 (PST)
Local: Thurs, Feb 14 2008 6:48 pm
Subject: Re: How Christians Persecute Women
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On Feb 15, 10:54 am, "All Bad" <>

> "Bob" <> wrote in message


> > I was referring only to the work related to protecting women's rights.
> > As to the rest, I have not investigated.
> > I have known for some time that the BF is deeply involved, below the
> > radar, in international politics, particularly the "One-World" new age
> > effort.
> > This, from a religion that ostensibly forbids political activism.

> Maybe that is why it is done 'below the radar' where no one can see the
> evidence.  It is a good thing that your Spidey Powers can pick up their
> secret alliances with Stalinist Maoist Virulent John Birchers and the
> coordinated pacifist militant anarchist movements.

Answer how it becomes that the Moriah Fund and two oil companies are
endowers of the Tahirih (In)Justice Center, both of whom also endow
AIPAC and the NED. Also answer how it becomes that one of the biggest
development companies in China - recently accused of massive
corruption - happens to be co-owned by a Bahai. You SOBs are neck deep
with the global fascist elite.

SOHO China


Title: Re: More "facts and stats" about Layli Miller-Muro's religious cult and IMBRA fans
Post by: frank johnson on October 04, 2008, 08:37:46 AM
Some of the ways Bahais criminally cheat and scam (as practiced by Layli Miller-Muro and Tahirih Justice Center):

From people connected with UHJ- the center of your Baha'i Institutions.

Baha'is have now been involved in the following CRIMES:

2) Medicaid-Medical fraud
3) Food stamp fraud by Iranian refugees
4) NON-PROFIT BAHAI FRAUD (aka Tahirih Justice Center)
5) Racism
6) False claim of genocide when 200 Baha'is killed in 25 years (out of
6 million Baha'is)
7) Murders- of Azalis , of NSA member of Iran, of Iranian Refugee in pakistan
9) FALSE CLAIM OF CHARITY- when UHJ spent **not a penny** for ongoing
charitable endeavours
10) Use of underage child labor for the purpose of carpet weaving (aka "volunteers")
11) Sabet cleaning up the NawNahalan Bank account- at the tune of 3
billion USD
12) Massive opium trade by the family of the prophet Bab (called forerunner)
13) LACK OF ACCOUNTING of the Huququllah trust
14) Asking starving African children to contribute to the Arc- instead
of helping them and feeding them
15) lack of disabiltiy accessible facilities at the ARC- Baha'i Disneyland Haifa
16) INCEST (hi Larry) committed by NSA member of Peru
17) False imprisonment of Baha'i Incest victim by NSA-ABM in Peru
18) SEX FOR VISA business run by Baha'i "pioneer" in Pakistan- until
caught by government-UN.
19) attempt at infiltrating Indian Nations in Canada (secret document from UHJ)
21) VIOLATION OF US TAX LAWS- evidenced by embezzlement by LSA of
22) EMBEZZLEMENT by LSA of New Mexico (lawsuit filed)
23) Sex for Baha'i conversion scheme in case of Steve of OHIO
24) More criminal activities- later including Dr. Kelly

I think in Layli's case we can also add lying, fact fabrication and fraudulent use of taxpayer dollars to the list.

And Poppa Larry Miller-Muro boasts that tons of Iranian Bahais are political refugees "escaping" to America via our tax dollars? These Bahai thieves, liars and con artists get the red carpet while decent honest non-Bahai Christian foreign ladies are banned via IMBRA from even saying hi to non-Bahai American men for fear they might get married and move here to be with their husbands in a happy marriage?

What's wrong with that picture?

Financial Scandal Rocks Italian Baha’i Community
Recently the small Italian Baha’i community was shocked to learn that one of its most prominent, long-serving and active members, the former General Secretary of the NSA: Franco Ceccherini, had been ousted from the NSA and formally charged for embezzlement and fraud in the amount of 360,000 Euros.

Ceccherini allegedly stole the money over the lengthy period of time that he served at the highest levels of the Baha’i community in Italy. It appears that he embezzled funds from 1992 until 2006 by fraudulently producing invoices, letters and documents and then pocketing the funds he received for them.

"Don't compare me to amateurs like him!", screams Layli, "He is small change compared to me - Layli the Great and unlike him, I will never be caught because I have the politicians and IRS in my pocket! I am invincible."

It is ultimately a religion dominated by its Iranian roots and Iranian
culture- with much of it teaching coming from the Quran.

There is opium trade-incest- tax evasion amongst Baha'is despite their
official PROPAGANDA that Baha'is have the most wholesome lifestyle on

Title: Re: More "facts and stats" about Layli Miller-Muro's religious cult and IMBRA fans
Post by: frank johnson on November 16, 2008, 08:01:22 AM
The United Nations decides to ban International Friendship Services from the internet? HMMMM... and the Bahais are infiltrating the United Nations as mentioned in my previous posts. Eerie coincidence? Hey Delphi-Pro, quit worrying about Obama and the Democrats and concentrate on the REAL threat!

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a UN treaty mentioned several times in the Plan of Action, states in Article 29 that “These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.” You can bet the Contender Ministries section called “United Nations Watch” would be right out.   

Section C10 “Ethical dimensions of the Information Society” takes this “control of content” on the Internet even further.  It states:

“All actors in the Information Society should promote the common good, protect privacy and personal data (well except for American men's private info if they want to contact a foreign woman that is) and take appropriate actions and preventive measures, as determined by law, against abusive uses of ICTs (Internet Communication Technologies) such as illegal and other acts motivated by racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia, and related intolerance, hatred, violence, all forms of child abuse, including pedophilia and child pornography, and trafficking in, and exploitation of, human beings.”  (You know, like American men marrying foreign women.)

They’ll start with the “we must curb hate speech” diatribe and move on from there.  They’ll move from the obvious sites like white supremacist sites to conservative political sites, then pro-second amendment sites and finally religious sites that decry abortion and homosexuality…or perhaps don’t like the UN (or feminists or Bahais.)  You can bet the UN would consider any Christian ministry like Contender Ministries intolerant and hateful.  After all we believe homosexuality is wrong and we point out false prophets and their religions.  And, who decides what promotes the common good?!  The UN would of course.  Having the UN in charge of the entire Internet is insane.  It would take three years and some sort of condemnation of Zionism in order for all the member states to come to any sort of complex technical standards for the Internet.


The hypocrisy of the Bahai Faith and Layli Miller-Muro's huge ego and why she plans to create her own American terrorist branch of the CULT where SHE is the Queen of the females in charge of obedient men - you know, like IMBRA.

Why she will do this via her Bahai Cult "women's rights" organization, the Tahirih Justice Center? (as long as she keeps getting those good old tax dollars. You didn't think she was going to spend any of her own embezzeled money do you?)

The Fallacy of Gender Equality in The Bahai Faith

The Baha'i Faith claims to regard the equality of men and women as one of its fundamental tenets, [1] yet one does not need to dig very deep before coming across major inconsistencies that clearly contradict Bahai proponents' claim of gender equality. While official statements from the Baha'i administration seemingly promote gender equality and the ideal of justice and equity in the world at large, Baha'i women themselves are treated with injustice.

Let's examine some of Baha'ism's "divine and balanced" gender laws that in contrary to Islamic gender regulations and jurisprudence, are "impartial and objective."[2]

No Baha'i Women Allowed in The Faith's Highest Governing Body
Bahai women are not allowed to serve on the sect's highest governing body, the Universal House of Justice (UHJ). This ruling is based upon authoritative interpretations of Bahaullah's words and scriptures by Abdul-Baha.[3]

This exclusion and discrimination has naturally UPSET many Baha'i women (queer lesbian feminists) who have formed their own separate councils and committees, causing tension between the segregated bodies.[4]

Many attempts have been made by Baha'i women, to repeal such discriminative laws and in one such attempt- in a letter to Abdul-Baha in 1902- Corinne True, one of the most prominent Bahai women's rights advocates (i.e. queer lesbian feminist), called for Abdul-Baha's approval of female service in the governing board in Chicago. [5] The answer she received however did not satisfy her and remains the key to today's practice:
"Know thou, O handmaid, that in the sight of Baha, women are accounted the same as men, and God hath created all humankind in His own image, and after His own likeness. That is, men and women alike are the revealers of His names and attributes, and from the spiritual viewpoint there is no difference between them. Whosoever draweth nearer to God, that one is the most favoured, whether man or woman. How many a handmaid, ardent and devoted, hath, within the sheltering shade of Baha, proved superior to the men, and surpassed the famous of the earth.

The House of Justice, however, according to the explicit text of the Law of God (Buluaihual), is confined to men; this for a wisdom of the Lord God's, which will erelong be made manifest as clearly as the sun at high noon." [6]

Such obvious discriminations and injustices are of course downplayed in public presentations, so that it is not uncommon for converts to discover these gender inequalities only after joining the community.

Women Inherit Less than Men and Are Not Allowed to Inherit Property
Another interesting contradiction to Baha'ism's claim of gender equality is the fact that this equity and justice does not embrace the economic sphere.

According to Bahaullah's directives, every inheritance must be divided into 2520 parts and distributed to the heirs according to the inheritance law through which fathers receive more than mothers, brothers more than sisters, and if the deceased owned personal residence or properties, such will pass to male heirs only, leaving the female heirs dependent on them for roof over their head.

Baha'i proponents often try to cover up and conceal this obvious inequality by stating that the law of inheritance applies in case a Bahai dies without leaving a will. However, the important question here is why the Bahai teachings with all their "brilliance and gender equality", in essence favor men? Why should there exist an individual will in every single case in order to avoid the gender inequalities taught by Bahaullah and emphasized on in Bahaism's most central and authentic book? [8]

Bigamy allowed for Men only
Bigamy- for men only- is 'legitimate and allowed- according to Baha'i law.
Let me quote Abdul-Baha's guidelines:
"You asked about polygamy. According to the text (nass) of the Divine Book the right of having two wives is lawful and legal (ja'iz). This was never (abadan) prohibited, but it is legitimate and allowed (halal wa mubah). You should therefore not be unhappy, but take justice into your consideration so that you may be as just as possible. What has been said was that since justice is very difficult (to achieve), therefore tranquility (calls for) one wife. But in your case, you should not be unhappy." [9]

And the confirmation of bigamy is yet even more clearly formulated by Abdul-Baha in the following passage:
"Concerning a third wife, under no condition whatsoever is this lawful. It is prohibited completely, even if the two wives should prove to be unacceptable, and leaving [or divorcing] be impossible. (This is also true) in case they should have no children and no reason may be found (to leave or divorce them)." [10]

Why is Abdul-Baha only allowing men to have two wives? Why can't women have two husbands? (or two queer lesbian "wives?") Isn't that gender discrimination and injustice?
Contradictions and disagreements are of course existing and expected features of man-made religious cults and Baha'ism- being just another one of those minor cults that has arisen in the past two hundred years- naturally shares these characteristics. While Abdul-Baha (Infallible Bahaullah's infallible son and successor) regards bigamy (for men only) as "legitimate and allowed", Bahaullah forbids it since "justice and equity towards two wives is utterly impossible".

Let me quote Bahaullah:
"Know thou that polygamy is not permitted under the law of God, for contentment with one wife hath been clearly stipulated. Taking a second wife is made dependent upon equity and justice being upheld between the two wives, under all conditions. However, observance of justice and equity towards two wives is utterly impossible. The fact that bigamy has been made dependent upon an impossible condition is clear proof of its absolute prohibition. Therefore it is not permissible for a man to have more than one wife." [11]

Now the question is if bigamy according to Bahaullah's own words is forbidden in the honorable faith of Baha'ism, why did Bahaullah himself have three concurrent wives?[12] Some may argue that "Bahaullah had three concurrent wives because Bahai marriage laws were written by Bahaullah in the Kita-i-Aqdas after Bahaullah's last marriage.". However this reply is not satisfactory, because since Bahaullah was an infallible God*, he must have known his own laws before he wrote them down. He must have known about gender equality and justice. He must have known right from wrong. He must have known what is morally permissible and impermissible. Why then didn't he practice what he preached? Why did he himself have three concurrent wives while he strictly forbade it for other men?

Bahai Men Must Pay Dowry
Bahai Men Are The 'Head of The Family'
Bahai Men Alone Have the Financial Responsibility
According to Bahai teachings no marriage may be contracted without payment of a dowry. [13] The dowry for city-dwellers has been fixed at nineteen mithghals (2.22 troy ounces) of pure gold, and for village-dwellers at the same amount though in silver. (DOWRY? You mean like PURCHASING a bride?)

Now, where in the concept of "gender equality and women empowerment", does the payment of a bride-price fit in? Some may argue that the dowry is a gift, however if it is merely regarded as a gift, why are men forced to pay it? Shouldn't they have a choice?

(I think Layli's dowry was a penny. Poor Gil. He sure got taken.)

Another interesting issue here is that the dowry fixed for a city-dweller differs from that of a village-dweller. As mentioned earlier the dowry of city-dwellers is paid in pure gold, while village-dwellers get the same amount though in silver and the dowry is dependent on the permanent residence of the bridegroom. Baha'i proponents try to defend this hypocrisy by arguing that city-dwellers are wealthier than village-dwellers thus the huge difference in the fixed dowry. However this is a huge generalization and an ignorant stereotype of village dwellers. If the objective of such a directive was to consider the bridegroom's financial capabilities, his permanent residence would be insignificant, since most of us know that there are many village-dwellers that are wealthier than city-dwellers and poor city-dwellers are not uncommon. The important question here is whether the Baha'i teachings regard city-dwellers as superior to village-dwellers? Are village-dwellers considered inferior? Are they not worth gold? Why then is there a difference in the fixed dowry? Further according to the 'superior and just' teachings of the Bahai Faith the father is the "head" of the household [14] and must alone provide for the family.[15] That's two gender-inequalities in one law and so much for the Baha'ism's true and full gender equality!

Despite loud pronouncements of gender equality, while looking into the Bahai faith, one will very soon realizes that the Bahai teachings in essence give preference to men.

Indeed, such teachings demonstrate Baha'ism's clear lack of human equality and the evident presence of gender inequality, thus once again revealing BAHAIS  HYPOCRISY AND CORRUPTION regarding their promotion of gender equality and human rights.
Examining Baha'i gender laws, one will very soon realize that they originate from Islamic values and principles, though altered so as to completely lose their meaning, function and spirit; reflecting the CORRUPT MINDSET of the Baha'is whose sole objective is to deceive and misguide the Muslim community and destroy the pure and perfect message and teachings of Islam. *

Further Bahaullah claims :

"Were any of the all-embracing Manifestations of God to declare: "I am God", He verily, speaks the truth, and no doubt attached thereto. For ... through their Revelation, their attributes and names, the Revelation of God, His names and His attributes, are made manifest in the world. ...." (Gleanings From the Writings of Bahaullah, p. 54) and Abdul-Baha claims: "Further than this (Bahaullah) man has no other point for concentration. He is god." (Star of the West Feb.7,1914)


1. Bahai Faith and Gender Equality'%C3%AD_Faith_and_gender_equality
2. THE BAHA'IS OF IRAN, Juan Cole, History Today, Mar90, Vol. 40 Issue 3
3. TABLET REVEALED BY ABDULBAHA, August 28th, 1913, p.181-184
please see point nr. 7
4 . Robert H. Stockman, The Baha'i Faith in America: Early Expansion 1900-1912, (Oxford: George Ronald, 1995), 46-63.
5a. Karen Bacquet,"When Principle and Authority Collide: Baha'i Responses to the Exclusion of Women from the Universal House of Justice" Nova Religio: The Journal of Alternative and Emergent Religions Volume 9, Number 4, May 2006:34-52 ©2006 by the Regents of the University of California
Please see the part 'Historical Context for Women's Exclusion'
5b. WOMEN IN THE BAHAI FAITH , excerpted from Religion and Women (Albany: SUNY Press, 1994) Dr. Susan S. Maneck
please see the part 'from East to West'
6. Abdu'l-Baha, Selections from the Writings of 'Abdu'l-Baha,
( Haifa: Baha'i World Center, 1978), 79-80
7. Kitab-i-Aqdas, see paragraph 20 and 25
8. Regarding the Kitab-i-Aqdas being the most central book in Baha'i Faith, please see
9. 'Amr wa Khalq', Abdul-Baha, 4: 174
10. 'Amr wa Khalq', Abdul-Baha, 4: 173
11. Kitab-i-Aqdas, p. 206
12. Life of Bahaullah, Wikipedia
13. Kitab-i-Aqdas, see paragraph # 66
14. Letter from House of Justice, 28 Dec. 1980, 'Messages from the Universal House of Justice, 1963-1986': The Third Epoch of the Formative Age, compiled by Geoffrey W. Marks (Wilmette, Ill.: Bahá'í Publishing Trust, 1996), 470-73.
15. Letter of Universal House of Justice in Compilation of Compilations, vol. 1, p. 414


Title: Re: More "facts and stats" about Layli Miller-Muro's religious cult and IMBRA fans
Post by: frank johnson on November 16, 2008, 10:13:56 PM
View Layli's bulging eyes going in all directions with her gaping mouth opening and closing with her arms waving hysterically in all directions, looking at the ceiling for insects to devour. Video best enjoyed with the sound off:

Now watch her counterpart in the animal world:

The difference between the two?

Visually not very much. Mentally? Layli is unable to feed herself without tax dollars. Her animal counterpart can take care of itself because it is smarter.

And her counterpart is cute, unlike Layli, the Mistress of Hate and Lies.

More fun:

Bahai feminist searches for tax dollars but Frank was there first:

"Gently mutilated" African woman gets taxpayer funded luxury trip to USA via Layli:

Layli hits the skids (and bottle) in Iran after IMBRA is overturned:

Title: Re: More "facts and stats" about Layli Miller-Muro's religious cult and IMBRA fans
Post by: frank johnson on December 24, 2008, 07:10:44 AM
As we Christians celebrate Christmas, the birthday of Jesus Christ the Son of God, I say to everyone Merry Christmas, and to followers of other religions I wish you all Happy Holidays!

For our Bahai Cult friends (the brainwashed and their masters) who seek to take away our civil liberties as well as all our freedoms and our country away from us, I say don't work too hard on Christmas.


Bahais do not celebrate Christmas because they believe (and want to TRANSFORM YOU to believe) that Bahaullah, the founder of their Middle Eastern radical religious terrorist group, is the TRUE son of God and his birthday was Nov.12 so they already had a drunken orgy. Nov. 12. Mark it on your calender after you cross off Dec. 25 because after their takeover THIS will be the day you will be celebrating - or else!

Therefore the poor "volunteers" at Tahirih Justice Center will be cleaning toilets as usual Christmas Day and Layli will be busy finalizing IMBRA 2.

Some "facts and stats" about Bahais and Christmas, Jesus and Christianity:

Where does money come from for Bahá’í activities and projects? (Answer: taxpayers and fools)
Bahá’ís neither seek nor accept funds from others for activities that relate to the internal development of the Bahá’í community. (Ah yeah you bet!) Funds from private, national, or international agencies are "sometimes" received for social and humanitarian initiatives (i.e. IMBRA.)

The meetings, often simple, have a variety of elements to accommodate (i.e. brainwash) participants regardless of their religious background. Music, food, and discussion (brainwashing) are often present, though the primary purpose is to use prayer’s power to TRANSFORM, unify, and revitalize. (Especially transform into becoming Bahais.)

At the heart of the Revelation of Bahá'u'lláh is the FORCE OF TRANSFORMATION, both of the individual (IMBRA) and of society (IMBRA.)

Thus, Bahá'ís are actively engaged in developing knowledge (of terrorism), skills (at getting lots of money), and spiritual insights (brainwashing) that enable them to act as effective human resources and which are vital to the integrated process of personal and social TRANSFORMATION (IMBRA.)

By learning about our spiritual reality and our individual role in the PROGRESS OF SOCIETY (IMBRA), we can better understand our purpose in life and the way to improve our own lives ($$$$) and the lives of those around us (slaves.)

The Bahá'í holidays and special days are as follows:

    * March 2-21 - Nineteen Day Fast
    * March 21 - Bahá'í New Year
    * April 21 - First Day of the Ridván Festival
    * April 29 - Ninth Day of the Ridván Festival
    * May 2 - Twelfth Day of the Ridván Festival
    * May 23 - Declaration of the Báb
    * May 29 - Ascension of Bahá'u'lláh
    * July 9 - Martyrdom of the Báb
    * October 20 - Birth of the Báb
    * November 12 - Birth of Bahá'u'lláh (aka Bahá'u'lláhmas)
    * November 26 - Day of the Covenant (work not suspended)
    * November 28 - Ascension of 'Abdu'l-Bahá (work not suspended)

NOTE THE LACK OF CHRISTMAS, THE 4TH OF JULY, THANKSGIVING, ETC. which will be replaced by the above "correct" holidays above after the takeover.

Birth of Bahá'u'lláh (November 12) (aka Bahá'u'lláhmis)

This holiday commemorates the birth of Bahá'u'lláh in 1817. Work should be suspended on this holiday. (except for the slaves)

Baha'is claim that the Bible has been misinterpreted and misunderstood by Christians for thousands of years, and therefore must be reinterpreted through Baha'i(ism), which they believe is the true Christianity.

Baha'i(ism) teaches that THEY have restored Christianity to its true form. They claim that Baha'u'llah was not just a prophet but the actual Messiah.

In Baha'i thought, people can never really know God personally. By contrast, the Bible tells us that God reveals Himself to us (Hebrews 1:1-2), wants to be known (Isaiah 45:22-25; Hosea 11:1-11), and invites us into a relationship with Him (John 14:23; Revelation 3:20).

They also deny the deity of Christ and his miracles. In fact, Baha'i theology views JESUS AS BEING INFERIOR TO BAHA'U'LLAH. They argue that messianic passages such as Isaiah 9:2-7; 11:1-2; 40:1-5; and 53 are (actually) references to Baha'u'llah, and that the "Spirit of truth" that Jesus spoke of in John 14-16, was not the Holy Spirit, but was actually a reference to Baha'u'llah.

The Baha'is view Jesus death as insignificant. They don't believe that Christ rose from the dead. (so much for Easter too you infidels.)

Baha'is claim that the Bible speaks of Baha'u'llah, however, the only reference to Baha'u'llah in the Bible is an indirect one when Jesus and the apostles warned of the coming of FALSE PROPHETS and false Christs (Matt. 7:15-16; 2 Cor. 11:13-15).

Jesus said that His promise of the Holy Spirit would be fulfilled "in a few days" (Acts 1:5), NOT in the 1800s when Baha'u'llah was born.  That fulfillment came on the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2. Jesus also said that the Holy Spirit would be with us FOREVER (John 14:16).  Baha'u'llah died in 1892 at the age of 75, far short of forever.

Baha'is misinterpret the Bible in an attempt to bring down the station of Jesus to fit with Baha'i theology. BAHAIS REJECT THE BIBLE. Holding the KORAN as SUPERIOR TO THE BIBLE, they quote the Bible whenever the quote seems to support their position. But then they turn around and dismiss (or tortuously interpret) the Biblical quotes which undermine their position. in order for Baha'i (or Islamic) theology to work, Jesus must be DEMOTED. contradiction between the Baha'i and Christian essentials of faith cannot be overcome by any attempts at reconciling the two. ONE of them must be flat wrong. (Gee, I wonder which one?)

Baha'i doctrine is a DANGEROUS DECEPTION.


"Don't read this post you Christian infidels!", screams Layli hysterically while foaming at the mouth, "The Bahai writings say that after our taxpayer funded takeover, there will be no more Christmas or Bibles for you. You will be our slaves and we have many toilets to be cleaned!"(http://[img])[/img]

Title: Re: More "facts and stats" about Layli Miller-Muro's religious cult and IMBRA fans
Post by: bugman7 on December 24, 2008, 08:49:12 PM
 Layli Miller-Muro often likes to masquerade as a highly respected religious or politician individual. I can vividly recall one particular photo where she is standing in front of the US Capitol smiling. Though she may pretend to have the stature and outlook of Eleanor Roosevelt- she is no Eleanor Roosevelt.

 Miller- Muro who is Director of the Tahirih Justice center claims her organization is guided by the Baha'i principles. Of course its most important principles (according to Ms. Miller-Muro) is a fundamental belief in the equality of men and women.

This concept would have been applauded by Eleanor Roosevelt who believed in honesty and integrity and most importantly practiced what she preached. Yet one doesn't have to very deep to find major inconsistencies in Layli Miller's actions that clearly contradict the Baha'i notion (and Layli's)of spiritual and humanitarian equality between man and woman.

The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act that Miller-Muro was instrumental in getting passed is filled with derogatory, misleading terms such as mail order brides and marriage broker. Miller-Muro has been caught many times portraying foreign women who date American men as "mail order brides" a term which implies foreign women are commodities and inferior compared to American women. These derogatory terms are clearly meant to hurt the reputation and furthermore implies they are incapable of thinking for themselves and so desperate that they will do anything to marry an American. So much for Layli's belief that men and women and human being's should be should be TREATED EQUAL.

Yes, this is the same deceptively cunning Miller-Muro who has made a career built on the backs of US taxpayers by manufacturing a problem of abuse involving American men who date foreign women.  Her strategy is to cite one or two isolated cases of alledged abuse and drum up an agenda like she did when she staged a 2005 media interview with Newsweek.  In typical Miller-Muro style the author becomes the mouthpiece for Layli and portrays a single case of alledged abuse directed at a foreign immigrant bride (Nataliya Fox) as an epidemic. The last paragraph denigrates foreign women who date American men (aka mail order brides) by implying Nataliya Fox recently met her new boyfriend "the old fashioned way".

Interestingly enough Layli-Miller Muro met her first (or second) husband R. Martin Bashir, "the old fashioned way".  She places herself upon such a higher legal and moral pedestal and decides which relationships get thrown into the devil's den. An intelligent person can easily see through her facade and recognize Miller-Muro's honesty, integrity and wisdom is not like Eleanor Roosevelt but more analogous to former NY governor Elliot Spitzer.


Title: Re: More "facts and stats" about Layli Miller-Muro's religious cult and IMBRA fans
Post by: frank johnson on December 24, 2008, 10:46:35 PM
Or Satan's daughter!

Too bad politicians are not intelligent enough to see through her facade. Those kickbacks must be as hefty as Layli's barnbutt. (i.e. enormous)

Photo #1 of Layli standing and smirking like the ignorant man and America-hating donkey's ass she is in front of Capital Hill while thinking "We Bahais shall turn this building into one of our temples after the takeover. The White House will become our American Bahai "Universal House of Justice" from which we will rule America with an iron fist! You Christians are inferior and shall grovel before me! Did you want this photo autographed Bugman or should I say BIGman? Ha ha ha. As if any of you puny men could possibly pose a threat to ME - Layli the Conqueror and usurper of men's balls and freedoms!"

Photo #2 showing the Bahai statue ("gift" from Iran) which will replace the Lincoln Memorial after the Bahai takeover. "I will call it the IMBRA Memorial," screams Layli hysterically, "as a reminder of who is your master! ME!!!"(http://[img])[/img]