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Title: Tahirih Loses Half-Million Dollar Recurring Federal Grant
Post by: tristan on September 30, 2010, 08:19:01 PM
Read it and rejoice.  We have no inside information as to the reason this every-other-year $500K grant to Tahirih was not renewed, but we assume it is because the Department of Justice could not help but notice all the exposure we have been giving to Tahirih's dirty tricks.

This is a letter from Layli Miller-Muro, Executive Director of Tahirih Justice Center to its supporters.  Tahirih is the principal antagonist behind IMBRA and the biggest man-hating group in DC.  Miller has stated that men who marry foreign women are pedophiles, serial rapists and premeditated torturers.

Dear Supporter:

I write you with distressing news. For 8 years, Tahirih received a Legal Assistance for Victims grant from the Office of Violence Against Women (VAWO) at the US Department of Justice. This grant has provided critical funds ($500,000 over a two year period) to fund our direct legal services for women and girls fleeing domestic violence and sexual assault. We’ve recently received news that the grant will not be renewed this year. This was not anticipated and will have a devastating impact on our ability to serve women and girls fleeing human rights abuses.

Tahirih has never experienced the loss of such a large amount of money at one time and is being tested like never before. Indeed, we understand that the government periodically does not renew grants in order to ensure that the non-profit does not become dependent upon them. Because of this loss, we are tightening expenses and through rigorous fiscal management will do our best to maintain our current services in over 900 legal matters for over 250 clients. However, if we cannot make up the difference created by the loss of this grant, we risk having to cut our services by 100 clients.

At almost the same time we learned of this devastating news, we received humbling, affirming, and encouraging news. I am honored to share with you that the Meyer Foundation has awarded me the Meyer Exponent Award for Excellence in Non-Profit Management. I have always known that the universe works in mysterious ways and can tell you that that this stamp of approval from one of the most well-known Washington, DC foundations could not have come at a better time. Their recognition will help make the case that while we are in financial need, we are a well-run and well-regarded organization.

I appeal to you now as a member of our extended Tahirih family. Like never before, we—the women and girls who come to Tahirih—need your support. Please consider pledging a gift of 42 per month for a year (or a one-time donation of 500). This cost represents 10% of the total cost absorbed by Tahirih to litigate one legal matter. As you’ve read in our Stories of Victory, each case presents unique circumstances and can span years to complete. In total, it will cost us $5,000 and countless hours to save the life of one woman. Any amount you will contribute is greatly appreciated. Through your gift, you will directly influence a woman’s ability to live in peace.

To receive an insider’s view of our client’s lives and most up-to-date organizational issues, please join me for a conference call on Tuesday, October 26, 1pm (EST). To confirm your attendance and receive the call-in information, please email Sarah Schorn at by October 22nd.

On behalf of those we serve, thank you.

Warm regards,


Layli Miller-Muro, JD, MA
Executive Director
Tahirih Justice Center
6402 Arlington Blvd, Suite 300
Falls Church, VA  22042
Office: 571-282-6161
Fax: 571-282-6162

Title: Re: Tahirih Loses Half-Million Dollar Recurring Federal Grant
Post by: bronxman on October 01, 2010, 12:05:46 PM

Miller states:

Because of this loss, we are tightening expenses and through rigorous fiscal management...

Well, there goes coaching services to state legislatures on how to craft state IMBRA-like laws!  And that Houston office - yep, slash and burn baby.

This news may also be a hint for fakers like the Polaris Project.

Title: Re: Tahirih Loses Half-Million Dollar Recurring Federal Grant
Post by: bugman7 on October 01, 2010, 08:31:31 PM
 The Tahirih Justice Center has been scraping off the hides of American taxpayers for years and finally the Justice Department is on to them.

It appears that the Tahirih Justice Center's exponential growth in power that has been fueld with Federal tax dollars has come to a crashing halt, not necessarily a victim of the current tight budget crizses but more than likely the Justice Department caught them doing some unscrupulous activity.

A close examination of Tahirih's grant proposals reveal some potentially troubling problems. Most noticeable was a budget worksheet submitted for an earmark grant in July, 2008 that included a shocking expense of $240,000 for occupancy space that was justified for future expanasion/ increased space. A few weeks later they were actively seeking 2 new lobbyists to help fill the space. What this has to do with providing direct help and vital services is beyond me!

Well it looks like Layli Miller- Muro might have to take a pay cut and that million dollar mansion she lives in might be next on the chopping block.

Title: Re: Tahirih Loses Half-Million Dollar Recurring Federal Grant
Post by: tristan on October 02, 2010, 06:10:30 PM

Do you happen to know if any complaints about Tahirih's activities were made to any of these federal agencies?

Title: Re: Tahirih Loses Half-Million Dollar Recurring Federal Grant
Post by: bugman7 on October 13, 2010, 06:55:19 AM
There is no investigation against the Tahirih Justice Center that I am aware of , but Congressman James Moran, who has secured massive mounts of earmark funding for Tahirih appears to be under investigation according to reliable sources.
10 months ago, Ken Boehm with the National Legal & Policy Council, stated to me that Congressman James Moran was under investigation by the FBI. Even though there has been no official investigation announced by the FBI one could logically conclude that Moran's association with the Paul Magliochetti corruption scandal appears to be at the heart of the alledged investigation.

Of course this raises lots of red flags for the Tahirih Justice Center since their largest cash contributor (Congressman Moran) through earmark funding, appears to be under a lot of scrutiny.

As of Sept 17, 2010 Magliochetti announced his intention to cooperate in a Justice Department probe of campaign donations to members of Congress who directed hundreds of millions of dollars to defense contractors without competitive bidding. As a member of the defense appropriations committee, Moran received funding from the same PMA group and their corrupt ( now defunct) defense industry lobbyists that provided financial campaign contributions in exchange for earmark funding for defense industry clients. Simply put- defense procurement has been a cesspool of corruption for years, and nobody is under more suspicion than Congressman James Moran- a Senior defense appropriator.

So... in short there is no investigation against the Tahirih Justice Center that I am aware of but this would not preclude the Feds from taking a closer look later at them, especially since they appear to be on the radar screen of the government watchdog groups.  I suspect however that Moran is using his association with the Tahirih Justice Center to divert (or cover up) his own nefarious defense related appropriations problems.

Title: Re: Tahirih Loses Half-Million Dollar Recurring Federal Grant
Post by: bugman7 on October 14, 2010, 02:25:11 AM
Oh gosh, there is so much more to this story!Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA) is on a fast track to be exposed in a cesspool of corruption and will likely be arrested along with Pete Visclosky (D- IN).

In order to understand this prediction one would have to go back to November 2008 when Federal agents raided the lobbying firm PMA group, which allegedly had lobbyists who allegedly arranged a "Pay for earmark" strategy mapped out.

At the heart of the scandal is an allegation that campaign contributions were accepted by three Congressmen, John Murtha of Pennsylvania, Jim Moran of Virginia and Pete Visclosky of Indiana, all Democrats. The lobbying group known as the PMA Group is now defunct.

The Feds have already indicted Paul Magliochetti PMA's founder which is bad news for Congressman Moran. Aside from the fact that PMA had lobbyists that were former aides of Pete Visclosky and Jim Moran there is likely even more damning evidence linking Moran to the scandal. The key to all of this damning evidence would logically be supplied by Paul Magliochetti, PMA's founder.

Now that Paul Magliochetti recently changed his plea in order to cooperate with the Feds this is really bad news for Congressman Moran & Visclosky.
How much will Magliochetti reveal to the Feds about Congressman Moran and Visclosky's ties to the scandal.  More than likely Magliochetti has a "lot of dirt" on  both these Congressmen and that's exactly why he made a plea arrangement and agreed to cooperate.

One could suspect that once Magliochetti starts to sing to the Feds he will likely expose  criminal evidence linking all three Congressmen mentioned above.

Congressman Murtha died last year so that leaves future criminal indictments against Congressman Moran and Visclosky. Once Magliochetti reveals his information in exchange for a shorter prison sentence the Feds will investigate the information further.

Based upon some inside information we believe an indictment against Congressman Moran and Congressman Pete Visclosky will likely occur the first half of 2011.

Title: Re: Tahirih Loses Half-Million Dollar Recurring Federal Grant
Post by: bugman7 on October 14, 2010, 01:08:48 PM
The indictment against Paul Magliochetti was submitted to the  US District Court in Alexandria, Virginia,the same city that Congressman Moran serves.

Here is the indictment against Paul Magliochetti, founder of PMA group and whose lobbyists also gave Moran money.

The Tahirih Justice Center's elusive and deceitful Bahai inspired leader, Layli Miller- Muro has reason to worry. Even though she and her organization have very strong ties to Moran earmark money, Tahirih has managed to escape federal indictments associated with the "pay for defense earmark scandal". But that being said her organization stands to loose future Moran "dictated" earmarks, their most important source of cash income which supplies the gasoline that powers their massive lobbying machine and hidden political agendas that are closely aligned to the Baha'i faith.

Then there is a monkey of a Bahai follower who goes by the name of Larry Miller, who happens to be the father of Layi Miller- Muro. Larry serves as a permanent member of Tahirih's board, and mysteriously has (or had) a business relationship with a number of major sponsors of the Tahirih Justice Center.

Hmmm...Looks like Larry Miller may stand to loose
more than Layli Miller-Muro if the Tahirih Justice Center succumbs.

Title: Re: Tahirih Loses Half-Million Dollar Recurring Federal Grant
Post by: bronxman on October 19, 2010, 11:39:21 AM
See Layli groveling - starts at 2:00 into the video. Click once on the video after the link opens.


Title: Re: Tahirih Loses Half-Million Dollar Recurring Federal Grant
Post by: bronxman on October 22, 2010, 06:10:17 AM
...and the groveling continues

Well, if Layli and Co. just stuck to these low-hanging-fruit and easy-sell asylum-for-cash efforts, the guilt trip on the DOJ may have continued along with the money provided. But nooooo. They got greedy. They wanted recognition. They wanted personal satisfaction - to know that they angered men who would dare defy feminism and "date outside the box" and they wanted to get paid for this systematic denigrating of their fellow Americans.

But the push back from the government began years ago and soon after a barrage of negative feedback showed up on the Internet and in editorials. The Feds began by not enforcing the IMBRA, they did not publish the "Dating for Asylum" pamphlet and they refused to incorporate the IMBRA into the TVPA. So now the Feds cut off funding - and Miller comes across as being surprised - that propaganda spewing pariah. In addition to the intense response to their pet law, Miller has not implemented any part of it against any dating service or member of any dating service. And the one "case" that could have opened up a flood of money involved Now how stupid does the TJC look? Really?

Title: Re: Tahirih Loses Half-Million Dollar Recurring Federal Grant
Post by: tristan on October 23, 2010, 09:26:40 PM
1.  Tahirih opened a new office in Baltimore, MD this year.

2.  Layli says that the feds pulled the grant to make sure they are not dependent on federal funding.  Could that be true or is it her spin?

3.  She says that her lawyers are making 1/7th of what they could be making in the private sector.  Bugman, how much are her lawyers making?  If it is $50K, she wants us to believe that these bush-league, wet-behind-the-ears, radical feminists could earn $350K?  On what planet?

4.  She said she had convulsions at Starbucks while preparing her speech.  Please.

5.  She is amazed at her young childrens' ability to imagine.  And we at ODR are amazed at Layli's ability to imagine that we are mostly serial rapists.

6.  She tells the audience to close their eyes and imagine:
a.  That they are one of the 1 in 3 women abused domestically,
b.  That they are one of the millions raped,
c.  That they are one of the millions genitally mutilated,
etc, etc, etc.
But, she never mentions that the audience should imagine that they are a mail order bride.

Maybe she is getting it.

She goes on to say how if everyone in the audience gives $42/month for a year, it would make up the lost $500K from the feds.  And she also makes the rude suggestion that the people in the audience who got seats for free, pay for them.

Title: Re: Tahirih Loses Half-Million Dollar Recurring Federal Grant
Post by: bugman7 on October 28, 2010, 07:27:27 PM
Back in September 2006, several men and women protesters showed up at Tahirih's annual fundraiser to protest their phony and misleading information they used to justify their Internet Romance Regulation law- also known as the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005.

By now everybody now knows how they omitted their lobbying efforts to the Internal Revenue Service. Once the complaint was filed with the IRS one could logically conclude the same individual (s) notified the Justice Department and other federal law enforcement officials in order to alert them about this deceptive, dishonest & greedy organization.

The Tahirih Justice Center's Executive Director (Layli Miller-Muro) has led this organization on a long slippery slope of deception and dishonesty for years. Providing false statements on their tax forms, making exaggerated and misleading claims in their newsletter, and making false statements at their fundraiser. Some people will do anything for money and power. Layli Miller Muro's hypocrisy knows no boundaries and you can bet the Feds know who they are!

She says that her lawyers are making 1/7th of what they could be making in the private sector.  Bugman, how much are her lawyers making? Now they claim their lawyers who perform pro bono work for them so immigrant scammers can
So Why does Layli get herself all buzzed up over this nonsense. Who cares what their pro bono volunteer lawyers (and underpaid?) lawyers make. Thy are operating under the guise of helping immigrant women escape domestic violence under the Violence Against Women Act. However, these misguided lawyers are processing immigration paperwork so that immigrant scammers can expedite their immigration resident status under false pretenses.

This is the truth of the matter. VAWA law allows immigrants to file false charges of abuse(without any proof) in exchange for a free green card...... so the real VICTIMS are the tens of thousands of innocent American citizens (that Tahirih doesn't mention) who have been scammed.  

Tahirih's corrupt pro bono lawyers should NOT be paid anything at all, maybe they should be investigated as well. What is really amazing is how Larry Miller, father of the Executive director Layli Miller- Muro  applauds his daughter's bizarre mission of directing the Bahai faith based Tahirih Justice Center while hiding under the veil of secrecy involving business relationships he has (or had?) with many of Tahirih's donors and corporate sponsors. Larry Miller is a also a member of the Tahirih's board.

This line is for Larry Miller and Layli Miller-Muro: Here is an honest revelation... "You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all the time but you cannot fool all of the people all the time".