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FOUR REASONS American men seek romance abroad: Prague, Ha Long Bay, Red Square, small villages in Latin America. Somehow meeting a Czech, Vietnamese, Russian or Peruvian/Colombian/Brazilian woman for a date at one of these exotic places is incomparably more exciting than meeting a hometown girl at the local coffeeshop. Opponents of a man's right to meet foreign women online never stop to consider how enjoyable it is to travel/work/live abroad and learn new cultures and languages while seeking a marriage partner.
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 on: January 09, 2016, 10:26:45 AM 
Started by bugman7 - Last post by Taylor
The real reason they want amnesty for illegal immigrants is that it provides a source of cheap female labor that they can empower themselves with.  Someone has to do the housework and raise the children when they become “professionals”. 

It is Feminist empowerment at the expense of other women.

 on: January 05, 2016, 08:29:58 AM 
Started by bugman7 - Last post by bugman7
American women citizens apparently weren't looking when US based Women advocates vigorously and recklessly advocated to stop dangerous immigrants from being deported.

This shocking revelation not only comes from the death of Kate Steinle, murdered by an illegal immigrant, because of "Sanctuary City Policies" they advocated for. Another example comes from "The National Task Force to End Domestic and Sexual Violence Against Women"who vigorously fought against a VAWA amendment "Elevating a third drunk driving conviction to the status of an aggravated felony and deportation requirement for illegals". Read attachment.

So why are women advocates fighting against the deportation of dangerous illegals so they can get behind the wheel and kill innocent American women (and men)? Apparently they have formed an alliance with the broader immigration cartel groups to more effectively advance their radical agenda. By working together these groups can accomplish more to aid and abet illegal immigrants, including those with criminal records, even if it means that American women (like Kate Steinle) are being killed by immigrants. American Women's groups don't want American women to know the hidden truth that violence being committed against them by violent immigrants is the cost to be paid because of their radical goals for a mass illegal immigrant invasion of America.

Thousands of American women residents are increasingly being victimized or murdered by illegal immigrants. What a horrible cost to innocent American women who are being slaughtered like "sacrificial lambs" just for the  ideological gains of these pro immigration groups.

 on: January 01, 2016, 09:04:44 AM 
Started by bugman7 - Last post by bugman7
Senator Pat Leahy (D-VT), "political friend" of the Tahirih Justice Center, controls the purse strings of the US Customs and Immigration Vermont Service Center (VSC), a gold mine for the state of Vermont.

In truth it's an extremely unprofessional government Taj Mahal plagued by corruption and incompetency. Senator Leahy's abuse of power includes a premature request to process 34,000 unused U VISA’s while filling 150 additional jobs in the Vermont Immigration Service Center; which, mysteriously, is the only Immigration Service Center authorized to process this type of VISA. A VAWA unit located within VSC facilitates marriage fraud for immigrants who often lodge false allegations against their American spouse based upon heresay evidence in order to expedite their green card status. Rather unfairly, the American spouse is banned, by law, from presenting a defense to VSC's kangaroo hearing unit when their immigrant spouse alleges abuse.

Senator Leahy was instrumental in expanding the scandal plagued EB- 5 Visa program amid dozens of current federal investigations. EB-5 program was supposed to re vitalize the Vermont economy but it's a cespool of corruption and reckless disregard for America's national security. VSC with it's 1,000 highly paid Federal employees is a Taj Mahal that Leahy continues to expand with corrupt projects. When is the FBI going to investigate Senator Pat Leahy for political corruption?

 on: December 29, 2015, 08:45:51 AM 
Started by bugman7 - Last post by bugman7
Senator Pat Leahy (D-VT) former chair of the Senate Judiciary has a ton of influence and seems to be controlling the USCIS Vermont Service center (VSC) which processes the scandal plagued U Visa and VAWA immigration green card program for immigrant victims of domestic violence, as well as the scandal plagued Federal EB-5 Visa program.

Washington insiders are suggesting he may be under Federal investigation.  Several years ago one of Senator Leahy's legislative staffers secretly revealed (admitted) there's something wrong with the VAWA and U Visa unit at the VSC and that immigrant spouses were exploiting VAWA loopholes by making false allegations against their American spouse to expedidite their green card status.  The staffer went on to explain that (Leahy) turns a blind eye to the VAWA/ U Visa fraud in order to expand the "Taj Mahal" Vermont Service Center.
This rumor is backed up by a well documented increase in VAWA scammers exploiting immigration loopholes in the Violence Against Women act- a racket that brings in additional lucrative federal jobs for his home state of Vermont.

Meanwhile Senator Leahy fully controls the EB-5 Visa program amidst dozens of Federal investigations against this corrupt program which allows unscrupulous foreigners to buy their own pernament US resident status for $500,000.

Stay tuned for more information on this interesting story.

 on: December 04, 2015, 06:38:28 AM 
Started by bugman7 - Last post by bugman7
How crazy is the Tahirih Justice Center? They want to flood our country with immigrants and refugees under the guise of "protection of vulnerable immigrant and children" while camouflaging a radical agenda.

 Meanwhile Tahirih Justice Center remains silent on Tashfeen Malik, the "killer wife" who wasn't interested in love when she entered the USA on a K 1 fiance visa. Originally from Pakistan, she apparently used her "marriage of deception" to an American as a "cover" to quietly blend into American society and conceal activities before killing and wounding innocent Americans.This bears an eerie similarity to the Boston Bomber 's terrorist(s) marriage of deception to an American women.

Tahirih Justice Center will never admit MARRIAGE FRAUD has become a dangerous threat to our National Security, even though there appears to be an epidemic of foreign women scammers that are exploiting marriage immigration loopholes in the Violence Against Women Act, a deceptively named law Tahirih vigorously advocated for.  

Meanwhile Tahirih is having a hissy fit because the USCIS isn't enforcing their IMBRA dating law to protect vulnerable foreign women immigrants. Many "vulnerable immigrant women" that arrive on a fiance visa are actually scammers and at least one of them, Tashfeen Malik is a terrorist.

  Tahirh must be having nightmares after their long bizarre campaign for sanctuary policies that discourage police from enforcing immigration laws. Some illegal immigrants are committing murder and other crimes against thousands of Americans, some of whom are "vulnerable women" that they claim they want to protect.  

So... is Tahirih Justice Center helping vulnerable immigrants women or on a bizarre mission to aid and abet terrorists?

 on: November 23, 2015, 10:58:58 AM 
Started by bugman7 - Last post by bugman7
Tahirih Justice Center's mysterious silence regarding the death of Kate Steinle, seems rather perplexing. Kate Steinle was murdered by an immigrant criminal because the city of San Francisco refused to detain an immigrant with a criminal record per ICE detainment order.

For years the Tahirih Justice Center and other immigration advocates have vigorously advocated against police enforcement of Federal immigration law. This rather bizarre agenda may have caused the death of Kate Steinle and or thousands of others. Once released back into the streets some illegal immigrants victimize innocent American women residents.

Despite Tahirih's reluctance to admit the obvious, American women should never be used as sacrificial lambs for the radical immigration ideology of the Tahirih Justice Center and their cartel.  Shame on Layli Miller- Muro for vigorously leading her organization on a War Against American Women.

 on: November 04, 2015, 11:38:21 AM 
Started by bugman7 - Last post by tristan
Nice letter and good idea to inform the candidates about this issue.

 on: September 27, 2015, 10:47:17 AM 
Started by bugman7 - Last post by bugman7
In the summer of 2012 several Online Dating Rights "regulars" were instrumental in assembling a lobbying coalition aimed to sway several key Republicans. This really put the spotlight on problems of false domestic violence allegations being used by immigrants to expedite their immigration status. Perhaps the the highlight was a meeting with JR Sanchez, legislative staff for Presidential candidate Marco Rubio. He became enlightened and highly supportive of our efforts. IMHO this highly successful effort stopped the Violence Against Women Act from passage in the 112 th Congress because of the immigration loopholes and issues. It was a blistering defeat to the overreaching VAWA mafia.

Unfortunately, during the 113 th Congress the House leadership under former Representative Cantor (R-VA) and (Boehner R-OH) caved into the VAWA mafia demands and rifled the democrat's VAWA through for successful passage.  Nonetheless the seeds of discontent against VAWA immigration fraud had been planted in the minds of Republicans. The next passage of VAWA will promise to become increasingly contentious.      

 on: September 03, 2015, 06:19:52 PM 
Started by bugman7 - Last post by Taylor
There was opposition to renewing the Violence Against Women Act.  In the House of Representatives, 138 Republicans voted against renewing it.  In the Senate, 22 Republican members voted against its most recent reauthorization.  Four current presidential candidates voted against it: Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, and Rand Paul all voted against it.


 on: August 12, 2015, 08:58:29 AM 
Started by bugman7 - Last post by bugman7
The Tahirih Justice Center and the NOW immigration cartel sure are silent about their instrumental role creating immigration loopholes so that foreign con artists can ditch their American spouse by faking domestic violence crimes against them. This terrorist pathway is revealed in the following letter to a Presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson.

To Dr. Ben Carson:
Republican candidates seem overly obsessed with illegal immigration and border security initiatives. But all of the World Trade Center terrorists who killed 4,500 Americans entered the country legally, but under false pretenses. Since that time immigration groups have literally turned our immigration process upside down, by crafting legislation with immigration loopholes, so that foreign con artists can easily make false allegations of domestic violence against their American spouse, so they can ditch their spouse and get their green card.The Boston's bombers marriage of deception to an American woman underscores how marriage fraud involving foreigners is a terrorist pathway. How will you close these immigration loopholes? Dave

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