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FOUR REASONS American men seek romance abroad: Prague, Ha Long Bay, Red Square, small villages in Latin America. Somehow meeting a Czech, Vietnamese, Russian or Peruvian/Colombian/Brazilian woman for a date at one of these exotic places is incomparably more exciting than meeting a hometown girl at the local coffeeshop. Opponents of a man's right to meet foreign women online never stop to consider how enjoyable it is to travel/work/live abroad and learn new cultures and languages while seeking a marriage partner.
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Author Topic: Tahirih to get $1M in funding to implement IMBRA!  (Read 39182 times)
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This is a subway in Russia. Poor country?


« Reply #10 on: October 16, 2007, 03:18:14 AM »

That was a funny and relevant post. One advisory, however: In our discussions with people on Capitol Hill this past week, we found that the Bahai angle was the weakest argument of all. For those who want mrore nanny state laws to "protect women" who never asked for protection in the first place and who won't be listened to when they protest the law that was supposed to "protect them" does not matter that TJC is Bahai.

Another note: No lawyer has yet given me a definitive answer: Can a foreign woman challenge a US law as a plaintiff? Yes or no?

I have a woman in Moscow who would challenge IMBRA as the plaintiff now.

Honest journalists will see the Tahirih Justice Center as a front for the NOW that appeals to conservative "Security Moms". and Yahoo and MySpace are actually working for total Internet regulation because they don't want clients to be anonymous and they want small dating sites/forums dead.
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« Reply #11 on: February 27, 2008, 07:37:30 PM »

We can now confirm the $1.2 million earmark for Tahirih Justice Center was definatively incorporated in the FY 2008 budget to achieve "fulfilment of of the International Marriage Broker Act".

Tahirih Justice Center the main author of the law created political exemptions for companies such as that gave their customers a free pass from having to collect criminal information.

These political exemptions that Tahirih wrote into the law likely caused the death of Jana Menendez according to "IMBRA4 ever" who wrote about the death of a Peruvian woman who met her American husband through

Here is an excerpt in written by "IMBRA4ever" on Sept. 9, 2007:

"This whole event may not happened if the National Organization for Women, NOW, and the Tahirih Justice Center did not exclude from regulation under the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of IMBRA. Trickett has a criminal record that would have been revealed ubnder IMBRA".

So... 5 months after the death of Jana Menendez the Tahirih Justice Center gets their reward for writing a law designed to protect foreign women from violence. I guess next year if 2 more women are murdered perhaps they will get twice as much money to "protect" foreign women. Hmm.. maybe these women would be better off without Tahirih's protection.

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« Reply #12 on: June 08, 2010, 08:56:25 AM »

Jim Moran (House D-VA) has an additional $900k in his FY2011 budget slated to go to Tahirih. Since congressmen will not take any correspondence from voters outside their own state/district, all Virginia voters MUST bombard this puppet of the feminazi movement with vehement objections to this budgetary inclusion in support of an illegal law. Angry Angry Angry Angry
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« Reply #13 on: June 08, 2010, 06:35:33 PM »


The problem with your appeal is that it must reach voters in his district.

What is the source of your information?


Advocacy groups that get taxpayer money for "protecting" foreign women and the thoughtless media call foreign woman a "mail order bride" if she met her husband via internet.  This is American imperialism, it is denigrating, insulting and portrays the women as helpless fools.
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