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FOUR REASONS American men seek romance abroad: Prague, Ha Long Bay, Red Square, small villages in Latin America. Somehow meeting a Czech, Vietnamese, Russian or Peruvian/Colombian/Brazilian woman for a date at one of these exotic places is incomparably more exciting than meeting a hometown girl at the local coffeeshop. Opponents of a man's right to meet foreign women online never stop to consider how enjoyable it is to travel/work/live abroad and learn new cultures and languages while seeking a marriage partner.
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Author Topic: Death of the Baha'i faith based Tahirih Justice Center ?  (Read 2928 times)
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« on: November 15, 2010, 07:27:06 PM »

The Tahirih Justice Center 's strategy to secure their future with increasing amounts of unaccountable and dubious earmark grants appears to be a doomed strategy. This is very very bad news for Tahirih now that the Republicans have now caved into pressure from the tea party demands asking that earmarks be abolished.
Read it and rejoice!
The Tahirih Justice Center simply cannot not survive on private donations from the public and corporations since almost half of their cash revenues come from earmark grants and VAWA grants both of which are on the chopping block.
Layli Miller- Muro (Executive Director of the Tahirih Justice Center) and her father Larry Miller (suspiciously named as a Permanent member of Tahirih's board) have built a huge Baha'i inspired empire on the backs of American taxpaying citizens. But the taxpayers[indentured servants]are tired of the financial and political orgies involving the Baha'i faith based Tahirih Justice Center and Congressman Moran/Congresswoman Shiela Jackson Lee.
In the final analysis earmarking is a modern form of bribery, and the taxpayers of America are sick and tired of sleazy, dishonest and greedy special interest groups ruining this country with this type of corruption.
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« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2010, 07:43:09 AM »

Thinking that the sleazy Tahirih Justice Center might be dissolved or at least emasculated (is that an appropriate metaphor?) makes me giddy with anticipation.

Advocacy groups that get taxpayer money for "protecting" foreign women and the thoughtless media call foreign woman a "mail order bride" if she met her husband via internet.  This is American imperialism, it is denigrating, insulting and portrays the women as helpless fools.
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« Reply #2 on: November 16, 2010, 02:14:08 PM »

The Republicans are receiving pressure from the conservative media as well to abolish earmarks.

In my opinion, if earmarks are abolished, it will be a severe blow to feminist pressure groups.
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« Reply #3 on: November 16, 2010, 07:49:11 PM »

The feminist power groups have consistently relied on financial support from politicans from the liberal left. But those same lefties(mostly liberal democrats) that have supplied the money (or gasoline)that powers the feminist liberal agenda are in real trouble.

The feminists groups have expressed grave concern that a large number of their political allies (i.e Congressmen) who steered vast amounts of money and political favors to the feminists have been booted out of office.

Just look at the following cosponsors of the International Violence Against Women Act that were defeated on November 2:

•Ann Kirkpatrick
•Susanne Kosmas
•Jim Marshall
•Phil Hare
•Carol Shea-Porter
•Michael McMahon
•Mary Jo Kilroy
•Patrick Murphy
•Tom Perriello
•Steve Kagen

The following I-VAWA co-sponsors retired

•Bill DelaHunt
•Diane Watson
 •Ginny Brown-Waite
•Mary Fallin

It is pretty obvious that the voters have spoken and are upset with the wasteful federal funds being spent by the feminst cartel. In order for politicans to survive in this fiscally conservative environment they must DEMONSTRATE a commitment to cutall wasteful spending including radical feminists projects such as the I-VAWA. This is just the beginning of the end.

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