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Gold Coast, Australia (PRWeb) January 12, 2007 -- International matchmaking agency Elena's Models introduced free contact options for men seeking Russian and Eastern European women for dating and marriage. Registered members of can now send expression of interest to 20 ladies of their choice and find out whether a woman is interested in a personal introduction.

Expression of interest service was available to all paying subscribers of the online dating site since January 2005, but free members were not able to use this service. Now free members can also use the service and send 20 expressions of interest to women they are interested in.
A man can send an expression of interest with just two clicks of a button, without the need to write any personal message.

With expression of interest a woman receives a link to the man's profile, with two buttons, 'Interested' and 'Not interested', located on the same page. If a woman is interested in the man, she can respond with one click.

The man receives a message indicating the woman's interest, and he can then upgrade his membership to contact her or order mail contacts from as little as $8 per unlimited email contact -- which means that if you are lucky, you can find a Russian bride for less than a price of a movie ticket.

The expression of interest service is limited to 20 messages for free members, while premium members enjoy unlimited expressions of interest and can send requests to any woman on the site.

"Now that men have a free contact option to find out about the women's interest, they can make a better decision about upgrading their membership," said Elena Petrova, the owner of the site. "We have to limit the free contact option to 20 expressions of interest for free members to maintain the high quality of communication on the site."

"Most women are not interested in just 'a foreign affair'; they want to meet a man for a serious relationship and possible marriage," said the author of 'How To Find And Marry A Girl Like Me' (, the most popular ebook on dating Russian women according the ratings of the leading retailer or digital products Clickbank.

The possibility to send 20 free expressions of interest is enabled for new members 3 days after the registration. This gives the site administration time to check the profile in compliance with the requirements set by the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) that regulates activities of international introduction services since March 2006.

The free contact options are available for all registered users of the Russian dating site whose profiles are approved for publication.

About Elena's Models:

Elena's Models ( is a dating agency providing a safe environment for Russian and Eastern European women to meet western men with the intention of future marriage. The agency has full-time offices in Russia, Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria and counts more than 83,000 registered users from 176 countries. The online dating site started its operations in 1999, and prides itself in being the only licensed introduction agency among large Russian dating agencies.

Elena Petrova is the owner of Elena's Models. She also provides free advice on dating Russian women and travel to Russia and Eastern Europe through her personal site Russian Brides Cyber Guide (


Elena's Models
+617 5569 2755

I know about this because this company is the most aggressive marketer on the Internet with 4 emails per day sent to customers. They get women to express interest in men and then ask the men to pay huge bucks to contact the woman who contacted them.

This is bullshit if this Australian company has stopped selling addresses for $15. Does anyone know if they stopped selling at least the email address of a woman for $15? There is no way that I am going to pay $140+ to belong to their service and the "expression of interest" garbage is only a way of convincing poor saps that, because a woman is supposedly "interested" he should shell out $140+.

Anyone can go to, join for free, send "winks" to as may women as he wants, and then have to pay $25 per month if a woman winks back and he then wants to write to her. Because it is very questionable whether an American woman would bother even winking back to Brad Pitt, it might be a good option to be able to do this (in reality it is not a good option because women despise men who wink at them instead of shelling out to contact them directly).

Remember that IMBRA doesn't even allow men the right that men have at to send a direct first email to a woman with his complete contact information so she can call him on the phone if she is so inclined.

The question I want to know is "Has this AUSTRALIAN company folded, pretending that IMBRA made them change their business model or whatever?"

Did the demasculized American plants from write to them begging them to be IMBRA compliant so they could maybe possibly in the future get a woman into the USA? What cowards. I am still amazed that no male has sued the government after totally refusing to answer the IMBRA questions on the visa application.

It looks like I am going to be the man who files for a fiance visa (which is really just a tourist visa because I would have no intention of marrying someone just so she can meet my parents for the first time), refuses completely to answer the IMBRA questions on the application form, and then SUES the government to process the form in a reasonable time (30 days) without the bullshit.

The feminist win big-time if webmasters adopt the "expression of interest" nonsense with no direct contact option which was always available to serious customers, especially over at Elena's models. Like IMBRA, it will take away our option of saying hello to a specific person in a specific way.

Elena's Models will not say if they comply with IMBRA or not but, since they are NOT American-owned, they should NOT comply with IMBRA.

Six months ago, I bought an address for $15 from them. Have they stopped doing that? If so, doesn't the owner realize that many of the letters she got from wimpy American men were really from the Tahirih Justice Center and its volunteers like 19 year old Erald Kolasi?

Let's please don't encourage the feminists and judges and journalists to think that we can live with IMBRA. This is not an American company subject, in any way, to American laws.

If we are going to still do business with IMBRA-compliant companies, let's not advertise that this is acceptable so much as we saw a good-looking woman and had no choice but to do business the way the company was currently operating.

AUSTRALIA HAS NO IMBRA LAW. ARE AUSTRALIAN MEN NOW SUBJECT TO IMBRA-STYLE DELAYS IN CONTACT AT THIS WEBSITE NOW? And nobody has answered the question: Does Elena's Models send IMBRA forms to the women? If so, regardless whether a man is Canadian, British or German?

I am getting sick and tired of the idea that a foreign website should worry about wimpy American customers who beg them to comply so they can wimp-out on a visa application later on and actually answer unconstitutional questions.

If foreign men don't help stop IMBRA now, it will be introduced into the World Trade Organization very soon. You can bet that the Tahirih Justice Center has already introduced the paperwork for this. Arab millionaires are requested to help nip this in the bud now, by helping to defeat IMBRA inside the USA.

One of the problems with me keeping track of which service still operates properly and which service has sold out to the feminists (and their plants who pretend they are concerned men) that I am only interested in buying the contact information for 1 woman per year per service at the most.

We cannot allow the American feminists to legally establish that anonymous webmail "protection" of women is the law. If a woman would not mind if a website sold her address to every man who asks, then that woman should be given the right to establish her own desired level of security and anonymity.

Forcing them to hide behind a webwall and specifically check out a man's profile and agree to contact or not...will give the American feminists a huge victory.

A Russian woman's email address is probably an anonymous address, so at the very least, I need to be able to get that legally right away if she wants the email address given out (no bullshit about her agreeing to let me say hello)....while there is no way I am going to live in a world where it is illegal to buy a home address if that is what the woman wants to be given out.

Unfortunately, I believe that the corporate world like are actually behind this trend. This may explain why they are not fighting IMBRA.

In Europe, the big corporations are coming out with anonymous webmail websites including in Russia. These sites, including in Russia, are marketing anonymity and soon all Russian and Ukrainian women will believe that anonymity is the best option (the corporations will brainwash them on this if the feminists don't).

The difficulty of the anonymity software creates a barrier to entry compared to websites that simply adopt the shopping cart business model which costs them next to nothing.

Making the direct sale of information illegal, puts all mom and pop sites out of business.

Don't feed the monster. If you see a foreign dating site buckle under, cancel your membership like I have done. There are still plenty of sites, especially in the UK, that ignore IMBRA and its demand that "women need to be protected from being written to unexpectedly" completely.

Of course, if you are really attracted to a woman somewhere, then do business with the service she is with. Women are not commodities. That said, if Elena's Models now only allows contact with a woman if a man buys the complete $140+ service...I may have to really consider if I want to write a particular woman stranger.

The market price of $15 per contact information was there for a reason: Before IMBRA, men determined that the uncertainty of whether a woman really looked good in person and was available needed to be calculated with the uncertainty about whether he would ever fly to her country and whether she was his first priority, etc. In the end, the market determined that a man would pay $15 to at least have a woman's contact information in case he needed it (such as when he had met his priority contact and still had one day left in a certain country and wanted to meet someone else).

We cannot allow IMBRA and the apparent desperation of some men to allow the prices to alter elastically so contact with one woman now costs $140 instead of $15.

We must remember that the "Expression of Interest" model assumes that the man is contacting his first priority. It would be cruel for the man to express interest and start an online relationship that he does not intend to pursue.

For instance, I bought 300 addresses (home addresses) of women last year. I have since not written to any of these women. Why? Because I won't start something I cannot pursue. I am already dating someone. I bought the 300 addresses because IMBRA threatened to make them unavailable and I needed insurance.

In short, it is no "work around" for a website to cave and stop selling direct contact information such as, at the very least, a woman's anonymous Hotmail or Mail.Ru address.

Now, in the Elena's Models case, it would be mostly IMBRA compliant if the man's expression of interest included his email address and cell phone number so the foreign woman could immediately contact the man at the same time as she approves of contact with him.

Again: Not that an Australian company has any business complying with a fascist US law. Did other countries comply with the German Nuernberg laws? As a matter of fact, yes, the occupied and pro-Nazi countries did comply with these laws.

This "same time" condition (where the woman can directly contact the man with her direct contact information) is critical. The reason is because the worst thing about IMBRA is that it creates a 2 week delay between a woman's approval of contact with a man...and the woman reading his first real email...if the woman only checks her email once every two weeks.

If a man is in Russia and has a plane flight home the next day but wants to meet a new woman, than she and he would be screwed unless the woman is given instant access to the man's contact information at the moment she approves of contact, and then contacts the man with her direct contact information.

But even then he is probably screwed if he could not have bought the woman's physical address at the very beginning because she probably will not read her email on the very day he sends her one (or sends an expression of interest). I have rung the doorbell of women (they always live with parents) who never would have read the email I sent them until 2 weeks later...which would be two weeks after I left their country.

With telegram, florist or taxi, a man can immediately contact a woman when he has her home address.

And these women want men to be able to contact them immediately. They instinctively understand that they may not have been a man's first choice (or that a man was in their country on business and had not thought of dating anyone until the last minute) and that he may have to scramble with very little time to meet them.

Having said all that, a ton of non-desperate women will refuse to answer an "expression of interest". On, these are called "winks" and women despise men who send those instead of a full email. They assume, correctly, that the man sent these "winks" to dozens of women.

Elena asks that a man send 20 of them! I don't want to send 20 women my expression of interest. If I want to meet one woman now (meaning tonight) it should be my legal right to do so if the woman is OK with that as well.

But then, if a non-member of Elena's Models sends 20 "Expressions of Interest" on a socalled "Trial Basis", you can bet your ass that one of those women will write back (and Elena won't have to fake this).

So, unless you want to hurt the feelings of an innocent woman, don't participate in that Trial unless you are 100% prepared to spend $140+ to be a member and follow through with the correspondence with the woman who now thinks she has a new friend.

If Elena is still selling addresses for $15, I am still interested in being a customer.

But, even then, I wouldn't be so insecure as to just send an "Expression of Interest". I would only do that if I was worried that she might not like me. I would consider it worth $15 to be able to write her a personalized introduction letter than to have an impersonal "expression of interest" given to her as if I had just done the same thing with 19 other women.

The bottom line is that a woman should be allowed to decide her own level of security. IMBRA takes her options away and puts her behind a wall of bureaucracy that can take weeks to get past if a woman checks her email only once every few weeks.

I wouldn't mind if the price of a single woman's email address was raised to $30...but that is still not the market price because a man would only pay this if he was ready to contact the woman right now.

If any of this is still confusing to anyone, let me put it in another perspective:

I went to Los Angeles on a business trip a few years ago. The night before I left, I found 4 gorgeous women on who were within reasonable driving distance from downtown LA. I wrote a nice letter, explained the trip and gave my personal cell phone number and hotel phone number.

These 4 women all got the chance to phone me (or email) in the 3 days that I was in Los Angeles.

The path was actually open for me to enjoy the trip to LA and not just do business there.

IMBRA prevents me from doing even that, much less purchase a woman's home address (which is perfectly acceptable in non-paranoid societies).

A question I have for others: Does the Australian Elena's Models website allow members to send letters to women saying "I am in Moscow for the next 2 days. Please give me a call at the Novotel on Red Square"?

If a member cannot directly do that, then nobody should do business with this company.


By the way, on that Los Angeles trip ZERO of the 4 women ever contacted me. Back home in San Francisco, one out of 3 American women always responded to me with interest, but the general attitude on seemed to be that men who traveled on business and wanted to meet women while on the road...were probably married or two-timers or sex tourists. In any case, has succeeded in the past 10 years to convince Americans that a man who wants to meet in person immediately, must be a bad guy. This new attitude is one of the top 4 reasons why I left the USA. Only 12 years ago, Americans were not so paranoid and so willing to hide behind a technology like email.

The CB Radio craze did not involve such paranoia in the 1970s. Back then, men and women talked on the CB radio and quickly agreed to meet at the local Dairy Queen for an ice cream sundae. America has only recently turned paranoid and anonymous email dependent.

Reason number 3 for leaving the USA for Europe was epitomized on another business trip to Los Angeles. This time I had written to a woman weeks in advance and she met me at Trader Vics in Hollywood.

But before we even got to the restaurant, she told me that she and her mother were rather relieved that her own father had died, not because he was a bad guy, but because the mother was finally able to "think for herself" after the husband died. This is similar to Theresa Heinz Kerry's story as well. I would hate to be married to someone who would be inclined to "find herself" only after I died.


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