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FOUR REASONS American men seek romance abroad: Prague, Ha Long Bay, Red Square, small villages in Latin America. Somehow meeting a Czech, Vietnamese, Russian or Peruvian/Colombian/Brazilian woman for a date at one of these exotic places is incomparably more exciting than meeting a hometown girl at the local coffeeshop. Opponents of a man's right to meet foreign women online never stop to consider how enjoyable it is to travel/work/live abroad and learn new cultures and languages while seeking a marriage partner.
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Author Topic: Backlash Propaganda Egotism Revenge: The TJC Press Release  (Read 3632 times)
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« on: March 27, 2007, 09:43:28 PM »

Below, you will see a press release written by the TJC.  They carefully chose the words, babied it, and took their time to craft it.  Yes, it is about disgust with ODR, the Georgia case, and years of feeling diminished and humiliated against the abundant availability of foreign women via international dating sites.  But most of all, the press release represents the culmination of natural reactions that incorporate the following concepts and notions:

Anger - a response to a perceived threat to self or important others, present, past, or future. The threat may appear to be real or imagined. Anger is often a response to the perception of threat due to a physical conflict, injustice, negligence, humiliation or betrayal among other contentions. 

Hatred - an emotion of intense revulsion, distaste, enmity, or antipathy for a person, thing, or phenomenon, generally attributed to a desire to avoid, restrict, remove, or destroy the hated object.  Hate is a rational reaction to people whose interests consistently conflict with one's own. Hate is an emotion, hence it serves the protective mode of a person. People whose behavior threatens one's own survival interests are to be hated.  The passions of hate arise from several features of our thinking process. These include wanting to assign blame to others for our misfortune, protecting our self-esteem, a desire to strengthen our community, alleviating our fears (by destroying the evil others), and several types of errors in reasoning, including cognitive bias.

Backlash - a popular extreme negative reaction against something that has gained popularity, prominence, or influence. While sometimes a backlash represents a categorical rejection of the idea, aesthetic, product, or fad in question, it often is more reflective of a collective resentment of that thing's ubiquity in culture and media, more than its mere existence.

Propaganda - a type of message aimed at influencing the opinions or behavior of people. Often, instead of impartially providing information, propaganda can be deliberately misleading, using logical fallacies, which, while sometimes convincing, are not necessarily valid.

Egotism - a doctrine that individual self-interest is the appropriate motive of all conscious action. Such a belief asserts that individual self-interest is the valid end of all actions. Egotism manifests as excessive rationalization, denial, narcissism, as well as the inordinate concern for oneself, or a tendency to speak or write of oneself boastfully and at great length. Egotism may also be coupled with an inflated sense of one's own importance, at the denial of others. This conceit is a character trait, which describes a person who acts to gain values in an amount greater than that of the values he/she gives to others. Egotism is often accomplished by exploiting the altruism, irrationality and ignorance of others, as well as utilizing coercive force and/or fraud.

And most of all -

Revenge or vengeance or retribution or vendetta - retaliation against a person or group in response to a perceived wrongdoing. Although many aspects of revenge resemble or echo the concept of justice, revenge usually has a more injurious than harmonious goal.

Constitutionality of International Marriage Broker Regulation Act Upheld

2007-03-27 21:14:59 -

FALLS CHURCH, Va., March 27 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Yesterday, in an important legal decision, Judge Clarence Cooper (U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia) rejected an international marriage broker's claim that the 2005 International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) is unconstitutional. IMBRA is a new law designed to provide greater protection for foreign women who marry men through what are commonly known as "mail order bride" agencies.

The lawsuit defeated in Monday's decision was brought by a leading international marriage broker, European Connections ("EC"). EC alleged that the law's requirement that IMBs provide information to foreign women about their legal rights and violent histories of their prospective American husbands violated their constitutional rights. In a detailed 40-page decision, Judge Cooper found that "The rates of domestic violence against immigrant women are much higher than those of the U.S. population" and that "IMBRA is highly likely to reduce domestic abuse -- and may actually save lives." When considering EC's arguments that IMBRA's implementation would cost them money, the judge noted that "the Court is confronted with the classic 'blood-versus-money' analysis, and the safety of foreign women coming to the United States is clearly the more vital interest."

The lawsuit was a part of the IMB industry's on-going efforts to resist regulation. The requirements imposed by IMBRA seek to ensure that women who speak limited English, have no social ties in the U.S., and are unfamiliar with U.S. laws are given sufficient information to protect themselves. IMBRA was passed in 2005 with wide bi-partisan support as a part of the Violence Against Women Act, after over a decade of examination by Congress of the special vulnerabilities of immigrant women to abuse and recent attention to concerns about abuse through the IMB industry.

The United States Attorney's Office and the Tahirih Justice Center defended both cases. The Tahirih Justice Center was represented on pro bono basis by the law firms of Arnold & Porter and Jones Day.

Please go to for more information on IMBRA. Call for an interview with an IMBRA expert or abused "mail order bride."

Through direct legal services and public policy advocacy, the Tahirih Justice Center works to protect immigrant women and girls seeking justice in the United States from gender-based violence.

CONTACT: Layli Miller-Muro, Executive Director of the Tahirih Justice Center, office: +1-703-575-0070 ext. 547; cell: +1-202-246-1844

Source: Tahirih Justice Center
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« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2007, 01:45:15 AM »

Readers with $200 and a credit card are advised to do their own press releases.

Make sure you note that TJC mistated the truth when they said that background checks against men who want to date women were "information about prospective American husbands".

Not that the EC lawyer bothered to argue that issue.  Embarrassed

Note that Layli offered a cell phone number.

Consider leaving your own number as an "expert" so journalists can call you as well.

Note as well that the mistated the truth when they conflated all immigrant women, including all those in the ghettos of American inner cities, with the upper middle class foreign women who meet via the international dating agencies.

Here is more boilerplate with which to do a press release:

Please refer to to see that a lot of American men are upset about a new US law called IMBRA that allows the US government to interfere with the universal right of a man and a woman to say hello to each other. Here is an article on the new “International Marriage Broker Regulation Act” (IMBRA) which requires men to be background checked by dating websites before they are allowed to say hello to foreign women online:

Here is an article that just appeared in a Capitol Hill newspaper in the US Congress:

There is, of course, no evidence whatsoever that American men who date European women include many criminals. What is happening is that some older feminists are furious that so many American men are refusing to date and marry them themselves, and so IMBRA is social protectionism against social globalization. Americans who travel are mostly upper middle class. Remember that only 25% of Americans even have passports and only 25% of American politicians have passports as well.

The IMBRA law, by saying that “Personal Contact Information” cannot be given to men even if the woman wants all men to have such information, takes away the right of European women to decide for themselves their own level of security.

Imagine that a German woman signs up at GMX.NET for an anonymous email address that does not identify her as a person.

The IMBRA law says that this German woman must not be allowed to give this email address (information) to men unless each individual man’s criminal background check is read and signed by the woman first. This laws goes way too far.

The American media has been reluctant to tell the American people about the law because, although it would destroy George Bush’s reputation with US soldiers and all other single males in the USA, the law is also so strongly favored by radical feminists who simply want the law to be accepted quietly by the courts. Even so, the Men’s Rights Movement was responsible for voting 3 Republican Senators out of office in November 2006 (see ).

I am looking for an engaged European counsel that can clearly see how dangerous it is for the US government to be taking away the rights of Europeans and Americans who want to meet each other.

Most important would be if you have contacts with a wealthy individual who can help us fight back in the media.

As a law firm, you or a partner firm may be able to find a female European who can challenge IMBRA on the grounds that it violates her own human rights (the right to decide her own level of personal security and privacy) even as it pretends to be a law to “protect women from harm”.

Note that, in one lawsuit, we got a restraining order on the law. See But this same judge just changed his personality and ruled in a manner that showed he purposefully forgot everything he said in that restraining order. In another lawsuit, a Republican judge declared “There is no fundamental liberty interest in an American meeting a foreigner for a relationship”. The law is long and was secretly attached to another very long law that sounded like it would help women. The law is at
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